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Digging up the answers i got from formspring

There’s a heap of blogging material hidden in my formspring account.. Formspring is a site whereby you ask questions to your friends and they answer it. Sorta like twitter but only for the sole purpose to ask questions. But gah dammnit i just realise i can’t see all the response to my questions. I mean i can all the answers/response but is a huge clump.. A really really huge chunk of data that takes time for me to copy + paste if i want to sort it out..

Is there a simple way to extract out specific response to specific questions on formspring ?


watching die hard 4 while trying to blog is not a good choice. Distraction 150%.

*note 2 *

Ok fug this shit, *clicks on show more answers* , ctrl + A , windows key + A and paste into evernote. Searching the data shit through there instead.

*note 3*

wow fuck shit, this is a fucking ton of information to copy + paste to..

Am I attempting to catalog the whole aniblogosphere ?

Title says it all.. Am I attempting to catalog the whole aniblogosphere? If so , where do i stop? At what point is enough enough? The 355 aniblogger project will feature an aniblogger a day. On top of that , i still have blog roll that ranges from A to Z to #(numbers) & team and solo blogs, which by the way is still growing as i slowly add links to it. So Let’s just say there’s an average of 10 blogs per alphabet, that will give me…….. *crunching*… 520 blogs. Not forgetting that there are blogs that starts with numbers.. Would a 1000 blog be a modest estimate ?

But the aniblogosphere is funny universe, blogs come and go. There are blogs that looked like a bright star with infinite future but alas ran out of steam earlier than expected and.. collapsed. There are blogs that are deemed dead but somehow managed to come back even stronger. There are blogs that came out with supernova energy but disappear the next moment you open your eyes to marvel at its beauty. There are blogs that seems to be in the shadows, darting in and out of existence  and in one form or another..

But of course, not forgetting the other parallel universe that exist alongside the aniblogosphere. We have the twitterverse, anime-planet, MAL and your whatnots. I attempt, correction, I’m attempting to link all of em in one spot, and that is my blog. Kinda like, Decade of Kamen Rider. The one that will destroy everything and connect the 9 worlds.

What am I saying? I guess blogging in the middle of the night at 1am isn’t really a good choice. You start to hallucinate and think of things in a weird way. What is my interest? Blogging about the Anime or blogging about the bloggers that blogs anime?

I reckon, I guess is the mix of both. I don’t know. I guess I’ll sleep on this first. I just realise the related post thingy will only work if i tag my post. T_T looks like i gotta get into the habit of tagging my post then.

Follow up for : Toward the terra…

Like i said a few days back, I’ll do a follow up to this anime to compensate for my lack of “wording”. If you missed it, you can view it here. Anyway, this are the voices of the blogosphere ;

Well to keep things unbias , of course i will include negative reports as well , happen to find them in Anime-planet. This review is by, therik who gave only 4/10.

Toward the Terra is a generic sci-fi with numerous failings and an inability to tell a simple story without waving its arms around to distract the viewer with pointless tangents. It has mastered the art of overkill, both in terms of moralising and in terms of generating tragedy, something it does with both the force and subtlety of a Megiddo cannon. With its lack of innovation, failure to develop characters and complete ineptitude when it comes to maintaining a straightforward and coherent plot, Toward the Terra lends itself to a simple, one-word description: forgettable.

Looks like you really can please everyone in this world. 😛 , just kidding. End of the day, whether or not the anime is good, it boils down to the watcher. If is good, is good. Doesn’t matter what the world has to say. Unless of course the show is universally bad, generally every show should have its own band of supporters. But of course, i like this show , thats why I’m rooting so much for it!.

And it looks like VivisQueen thinks so too,

Toward the Terra is simply about elegant, exciting storytelling – even the few forgettable episodes at the beginning, in retrospect, serve the important purpose of effectively setting the scene. Still, it is during the middle section that Toward the Terra begins to set itself apart as an epic journey full of emotional twists and turns. Most importantly, the conclusions found here are of the kind which I find myself mulling over long after the series has finished.

See with so many thumbs up, what are you waiting for?

Just joined Anime Planet

otakurean's anime, manga, reviews, recommendations, blogs and lists at Anime-Planet
Anime-Planet.com – anime | manga | reviews

Just hop on to anime-planet for a few days already and after playing around for a while i realise that this is a good site to catalog your anime in. Certainly this isn’t the first site that attempts to catalog your anime database but the ease of adding is dead easy. The site also have a cute feature, Badges.

Yes you can unlock badges if you trigger it. It means nothing but at least it gives you a sense of belonging doesn’t it?. My daily routine now involves me adding and beefing up my database for 5-10mins a day(can probably add a dozen or so anime). Clicking on browse by year and click on the anime that I’ve watched and plan to watch. Also another good thing about the site is that , it loads quick. Well if you’re frustrated by your current anime database website, hop over to anime-planet and i hope to see you there :). The admin is pretty friendly too, you can stalk @AnimePlanet

Hopefully the site can take off well enough and not die.

*** PS : Hop over to Rabbit Poet for a detailed break down of Anime-Planet vs MAL.

Toward the terra , 地球へ…

So i was watched the last episode of toward the terra (地球へ…) on Animax yesterday. It is hard to believe that such a good show didn’t really get popular among the blogosphere. Maybe Spring 2007 had a lot of strong titles, including one of my all time favorite, Gurren Lagann. Thats why this show was overshadowed.

What i like about this anime was the strong sci-fi elements present in it. They have ships, they have 2 different human race(or so they say) killing each other, they have epic machine overlord(skynet clone!) and the need to return to earth/terra.

Oh the last episode looks like a BL show if you only happen to watch that part only. Namely this scene only. Not the image above.. Below..

Well anyway, that aside, What is the peace ? What is it to be a human? Do we really need a machine to prevent us from killing ourselves? Is there really a perfect system?.. Is freedom always worth the fight ? Why are we still killing each other ?

One thing is sure, there’s always hope. There last item in the Pandora’s box is… Hope.

I don’t like to comment on the quality of animation unless it is really really bad. Other than that, anime that are produce after 2000 should generally be “good”. Well as you can see the style use is pretty much the same as everyone else. So nothing much to talk about. Quality isn’t my main concern if the story is good. Which in this case, it is.

This mark as my first anime review , although i technically didn’t review the whole series. I guess i’ll just do something like this in the future. Of course i’ll do a follow up with links to “proper” reviews later in the week. That way, this can compensate my lack of “wording”. If you’re looking for analyzing of this anime, i doubt i have the attention span to do so. From the way i see it, looks like i’ll be doing more “vintage” shows than current season due to the amazing long list of backlogs and of course the lack of posting anime reviews since the start of my “aniblogging” career.

All in all, this is sci-fi, the story is good. I like sci-fi and i like the story of this show. If you haven’t watch, why not give this a go ?

Power of scheduling

To make my life easier for the 365(355) project , I use the power of scheduling. I know I will have days where I cannot blog at all. I don’t want to see a break in my project so sometimes i do a few post in advance. After which I’ll spread em out evenly. Of course the daily post will be my 365(355) and I’m mix in a few other stuff as well. Also I do impromptu posting whenever the muse strike or i saw something interestingly enough to not just exist in my twitter time line.

Speaking of which, twitter is a good place to share links of certain article where you do not want to input in anything and just do plain ol reading. Of course with the power of scheduling I can actually free up time to watch anime and post some up instead of just having aniblogger stalking posts.

Anyway, 15mins more to Towards the Terra (it is 1245pm at the moment)( (via Animax) ), I’m gonna grab a drink and enjoy the last episode of it. And no, this isn’t a scheduled post. Ahh, and lunch too.. After the show.

ps : in case you’re wondering. I have successfully done up the first week of my stalking post. 🙂 this calls for an early celebration! Also on every sunday(or saturday if you live on the other half), I’ll do a round up on who i stalked. So if you’re too lazy to click on the daily post, there’s a weekly round up.

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