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Not so breaking news, Epic Meal times on Revision 3 !

I wouldn’t say i love fast food but i do eat at times. However i would say i like sushi. When you get Fast food and sushi you get Fast Food sushi epic meal time.


Oh looks like there’s a embed code for self updating to the newest episode. I’ll just embed them below ,


WOAH 832 x 468 looks really huge.. Maybe i should tweak it a little to reduce the size.. Whatever. Oh ya, do you guys watch anything on revision 3 ? Of course other than Epic Meal times, i catch, Tekzilla, Totally Rad Show, Destructoid and occasionally Hak 5 and another occasionally Lifehacker

Ya i normally don’t publish at this hour. But meh, i felt like doing it.

Just joined Goodreads.com

As of a few days back , i joined Goodreads.com. Actually i don’t know how and why i joined. What i do know is, i can manage the books i read or plan to read more easily. The 1 thing that i really dislike about books? They are not as discoverable as movies or music, until i found Goodreads. (how i wish this was paid ad 😦 )

What i normally do is, if i happen to see my friends talking about how good X book is, i’ll go over to Singapore’s National Library Catalog search to see if is there and which library to go to. If is not available, then i’ll try them again if i ever remember. If it is, i’ll try to go borrow it and hog on it for 1 month. Whether or not i read it all , is another question.

Anyway, this is my profile in goodreads and if you are in it. Hit me up, although i have no idea i need a friends list since i use it more as a catalog but is good to have friends anyway. oh , I added the goodreads.com widget to my blog too.

I realise post like this could fit into twitter like “I joined Goodreads.com!” or “Join me in Goodreads.com!” but i guess i just want to type more words rather than tweet it out. Although i must say, when this gets automatically pushed into twitter via Feedburner, the tweet will look like this “Just Joined Goodreads.com goo.gl/asjga” and hopefully someone will click and read it. Hopefully.

Looking through my tags, i think i have another idea for another blog post. Whatever, 1 post a day is indeed healthy . And also i always schedule it to be 18:00hours GMT +8. I don’t know but i just like that timing.

AA-12 , Pity i can’t buy this shit

This may not have anything to do with anime. But hey if is a weapon, is something an otaku would like. Personally i only fired a M16 back when i was in the army 2 years back.(singaporeans have to do compulsory 2 year service). The only thing that i really enjoyed in the army was actually going to the range and fire the gun. Also when i was younger, i like to play “army” which thinking back was a bloody dumb idea because you get to do it for 2 years. If you have Nat Geo , you can watch the 6 part series about army life, i think the title was Boys to Men, Singaporean male ritual.. or something like that. Go check it out if you’re interested. I know i wasn’t. Although i’m tempted to see how “accurate” the show is.

Anyway, if you play Killing Floor (GO BUY IT IF YOU HAVEN’T) , AA-12 is my favorite gun to use. I’m a primary Berserker these days but whenever i feel like using a gun in the game… AA-12 is my option. What better way to train up for a zombie end-of-the-days and have fun at the same time? Dammnit, Why must Support Specialist require welding & shotgun damage points to level up? 😦

If you game on a pc with steam, add me into your steam so we can play a few rounds of KF.

How big is the church of madoka ?

Source : Danbooru

A little quick dive into the internets can tell you a lot in the age of rapid flowing information. So from what i roughly gathered, the Church of Madoka is in a few places. Let me list out the place so those who believe in Haruhism or other anime-related Goddess/Gods can stone those places. (Actually i’m more of a peace guy, so no stoning).

Just these data shows there’s at least 3,500 members that aren’t afraid to show themselves. Of course I’m assuming everyone is unique and not the same person but possessing different presence in different services. Although this is highly likely but 3,500 strong looks more impressive than say 1,000. Also big figures spurs big emotional trigger as well. If you still have yet to watch Madoka like myself. No fear! I got you covered, if you prefer reading since 12 epds x 20mins takes up too much time, go ahead and read Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica : Review and Criticism ( by catchercatch of Blanks | Observations, a frontier.) I think catahercatch done a nice long writing. Hop over to Lost in America if you require a shorter summary or Project Haruhi for a medium size summary. Also if you’re interested to join the Church of Madoka, go over to Kurogane’s Anime blog and read the faq. As always, i look in the comments section for funny replies and behold , i found a haruhism in the midst of the Church of Madoka, which brings me to my next point(if any at all).

How big is Haruhism?. Madoka took a full season to convince people that The Church of Madoka must be erected and believe in Goddess Madoka but what about haruhism ? How many episodes did it took to convince people that Haruhi was a God ? Personally, i have the manga, the novels, the figurines and i’ve watched the series many times but not a single artifact from the Madoka. I also haven’t heard Madoka’s OP.. Alright shall go youtube now to listen.

Is it just me or is the song kinda depressing not to mention the OP is like a loli show instead of a goddess in the making ? Compare that to the bubbly nature of Haruhi’s OP ,

Granted both are total different type of shows. But since both are ranked as Gods, i guess that slight difference doesn’t make a slight difference. But i’m kinda sad at that Haruhism Facebook page is small. Maybe Haruhism doesn’t need so many physical/digital placement to proof that the haruhism exist. After all, haruhism existed wayy before Madoka. Here’s a hypothesis, If Haruhi never existed would there be animes like Lucky Star, K-on or even Madoka? My guess is, No.

Simply because Haruhi wanted all those to happen thus it happens. Not us, not you, not the studios just haruhi. Now you ask me, How did Haruhi happened? Haruhi just happen because she wants it. Simple. Wait, this isn’t a big slap to The Church of Madoka. If any, I’m a open minded person. I can handle the fact that Madoka is the new uprising Goddess, I’m just curious to know how big is the Church vs Haruhism.

Spring 2011 – first look without watching

Firstly, let me thank all of those that made my post happen, Thank you. Secondly I am a lazy person, I must admit. Seriously speaking, reading blog post on anime prior to watching is easier on the bandwidth and also time. Everyone has the same 24hours, how would you use it is up to you. Instead of I watch so you don’t need to watch, this is i read so you don’t need to read but after reading you have a easier idea to decide if you should watch it or not.

Yes, i may quote out of context, i may quote just for the juicy bits but does it matter ? Don’t worry about me leaching off your screenshot. I’m not. There’s no image here. If you are looking for image, this is not your site.

Anyway today, we look at 4 anime that are currently airing.

Ao No Exorcist

doesn’t have a harem nor the raging hormones for any pair of breasts on legs, but is a misfit kid grown up in a church environment with a subsequently strong moral code – KIIRAGI of randomc.net

There are some “chibi” moments which brings out the light heartedness to balance out the story. The animation is top notch too!!! Definitely following this!! – Nakayo of Yasashii Sekai

Hmm from the looks of it, Harem lovers need not apply. You can’t see any thing from the damn trailer but the screenshot over at randomc.net looks yummy. Would this anime be a watch for me? I think so. I probably might. I still have Madoka backlog though. Ahh… I still have highschool of the dead and Kore wa zombie desu ka to watch too… Batching this instead.


if you could sit through any season of Index, this is a piece of cake. – KIIRAGI of randomc.net

Steins;Gate seems to be a really clever anime, one I can’t just let me slip me by just because it’s a bit fragmented. – Hime of Metanorm.net

Even after reading, i don’t really know what is going on. But the screenshots do look yummy. Yes will watch. Speaking of which, i should start on Index as well. I really like Railgun’s OP and DDR X2 has that song too which was really nice to play but my personal favorite is Super Driver.

Deadman Wonderland

we get this adorable cheerful piece of moe, shiro. who turns out to be nothing like how I thought she’ll be. – Cidz of Chocolate Syrupy Waffles

So far though, it’s fast-paced, hard-hitting, unnerving, and completely engrossing; I have high hopes. – PROOOF of randomc.net

I’m not sure about you but personally the manga is kinda good. Would i have high expectations for this? Yes. Would i watch it? Maybe. I think i would watch this by batch instead of weekly.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

It’s bizarre and ima­gin­at­ive, with intel­li­gent dia­logue and quick wit with some incred­ibly inter­est­ing ideas that I really want to see it explore fur­ther. – Scamp of The Cart Driver

I didn’t really know what exactly I was getting into before this episode, since the subject matter was unusual, but the potential is exciting. PROOOF of randomc.net

On first looks of the screenshot, i thought i saw Charlie and Chocolate Factory : Sex and demon edition. The top hat purple hair dude looks like willy wonka, seriously!. Oh from the looks of the screenshot, THEY CAN TRANSFORM USING A CREDIT CARD. Also this feels like a Jigoku Shoujo as well. I would watch because this show feels so familiar yet so different.

Of course there’s more than 4 anime, i only chose to do 4 because is so much easier than doing ALL of it. So would i do more similar post like this ? I’m not sure. But i’ll see how things go. The idea of Posting once a day is easy to do. But really posting once a day is hard. I guess it’ll be good if i have more writers to join me. I mean after all i paid for the domain and host, I should put this site into good use damnit!. Anyone wants to guest write or simply join team otakurean ? Let me know via Contact or @otakurean over at twitter.

Here’s a bonus :

IF Spring 2011 looks like it ain’t your cup of tea, hop over the thecartdriver.com time machine and back into the swinging 80’s of  Summer1988 !

Has Madoka replaced Haruhism ?

When i say Haruhism I meant by Season 1 and frankly speaking with the onslaught of Endless 8 in season 2, i haven’t really started watching Season 2. However i did caught an episode off Animax the other day and it looked interesting though. Anyway, along comes a new anime, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica , its been getting all the rave. So what the heck is it ? I don’t even.. My Greader and twitter has been flooded with all the madoka stuff.

Here’s a few links off my Greader :

I been thinking on how i should really dive into anime writing instead of “otaku research”. Or maybe anime writing itself is already within “otaku research”. Anyway enough of that bullocks. I guess i should do what i feel like doesn’t it ? Well then, welcome to my reboot of rebooting my blog. So anyway I dive into my Greader to look for blog post, read some and decide.. What better way then using what people have written and maybe compact them together! Metablogging is good! partly also i can’t describe anime like you guys can but i guess that takes time.

A few minutes after watching episode 12, I couldn’t decide whether I liked the ending or not. I think I was just too stunned to decide since the finale blew my mind and was completely different from anything I expected. But after giving it some thought and reading up on things, I’ve come to the conclusion that I find the ending great. – Yumeka of Animeyume.com

Mind blowing ? Sounds like something i should watch. To name a few mind blowing anime , FLCL, Evangelion, Serial Experiement Lain, Gunbuster, Gurren Lagann. Will it become like the legends that i liked? I mean I really like Gunbuster ending , with all the alien ripping and the mind rape that comes after the fight when Noriko returns to earth 10,000 years later Or when Lain decided to erase herself instead to protect herself while having this conversation with her dad and only to appear whenever she feels like stalking her friend?

I don’t declare anything a “classic” until it is at least ten years old, but I think that in 2021 Madoka will join Cardcaptor SakuraLain and Shingu on my very short list of true anime classic series. – Don of The Kawaii Menace

Looks like i’m not alone in this case. While i can go on further , i guess my attention span is up. I’m tab switching instead of writing this up. Which Saviour can i turn to ? I need help! I guess I still have faith in my haruhi because Aya Hirano’s Super Driver just turned up on my music player! I haven’t watched Shingu though.. But it looks like i can start watching since Don says is on his(i assume so) list of true anime classic. I agree on cardcaptor sakura and Lain though. But i wouldn’t put it on my list if i ever made one or maybe i could if there really isn’t a magical girl anime that i liked more than Sakura. I hope there’s a 2021 though with the world “rumored” to end by 2012 by the same film name, 2012. The internet can survive nuclear war but i doubt nothing in this world are design to withstand a world wide tsunami, maybe except Noah’s Ark.

It’s definitely a well written and thought-provoking series that continues to evolve. It deserves to be watched, and I see no way for this series to not show up in the top 10 of best eries of 2011. – Star Crossed Anime Blog (author name does not appear on blog, i have no idea.. would be great if someone point out to me!)

I guess i haven’t seriously watched anime (ie: follow every season) for a long long while. In fact the last anime that i waited and followed for week to week was back when Gurren Lagann was new. Oh wait, correction, I did followed Ika musume for a while until bandwidth got the better of me. Damn the high resolution option. Well I happened to glance the comments of Star Cross Anime blog and i must say, i spotted an interesting negative comment !

Wow I think i am the only one in the whole world right now that thinks this series is massively overrated. Nah Princess Tutu still  is the best mahou shoujo anime ever for me. it is not even original at all. In fact, Sailor Moon has almost exactly the same story.  – Zaion

There’s always haters and supporters to anything. So if you’re a rational fan , read through if you have bandwidth caps and decide if this show is worth your monthly bandwidth limit and also start saving up the dough if you decide to buy this. After all being anime fans is not about sucker punching your dear studios and showing them the _|_ while they mindlessly make new anime season after season.

If you are wondering, where the heck is the damn argument about Madoka replacing haurhism? Well too bad you aren’t getting it here. Because i haven’t watch that anime yet. I also haven’t watched Haruhi Season 2 yet but the haruhi movie is on youtube though , i’ll embed later. oh wait, here it is,

Anyway with all the rave about Madoka, i guess people inevitably forgets about old stuff or most likely they moved on. But one thing for sure, Haruhism still is going strong for me. Madoka, you can have this _|_ . But of course my comment may change when i do watch it sometime later. Also, you can’t really do multi chat these days on skype without paying so no more group watching? (not that i’ve done that before). Actually the best way i can think of to group watch is probably stream it though Ustream or justin.tv or alikes. Anyone with knowledge kind to share ?

This question is rather for those who have watched madoka (doesn’t matter if you haven’t watched Haruhi) , would madokaish or madoka law(whatever you guys people call it), rise up to haruhism? I mean even haruhi was used in protest!

It ripped off Persona 3, Eva, TTGL, Gunbuster 2, Lain and Nanoha.

Shit didn’t even make any sense at all. GG Shaft won’t watch again.

Well no masterpiece rating here. Ugh, I’m so angry right now.

. – Koij Oe of クロス† チャネル

I sense some rage going in you Koji, chill, this is just an anime. But i must say, scrolling down deeper into Greader shows just how many damn blog post on Madoka. Look i have a solution for all those that despair because the wish of removing witch happened in madoka. Ask Haruhi to bring them back! If not my beloved Nanoha and Fate wouldn’t exist nor woruld Sakura nor would the entire Mahou Shoujo!!!

I expect massive amounts of emotions, from both sides of the Pacific.  I expect Gen Urobuchi to give us one last troll too, just to mess with the fanbase and viewers.

Still… I’m giddy.  I haven’t felt like this about a show’s finale for a long time.  More than a decade in fact.  Ah, the memories of the massive mindfuck that was the last two episodes of Evangelion… – Myssa of Midnight Equinox

Techincally, trolling happened. Removal of mahou shoujo damnit. Oh wait, the wish was to remove witch. So does Mahou Shoujo fall under Witch? But Magical Girl isn’t a damn witch isn’t it? I mean My witch can’t be this cute. Speaking of which, i have yet to watch 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない? which means Damn you pedophiles stop looking at my sister. Still i realise blogging is tough work. It takes time, at least 1 hour to compose and also time taken for research. which i would say easily take 2 hour on a post of this length. Even though i did many copy + paste, the initial research isn’t fake. I have to read through or sometimes i get lazy, i glance past. But that still takes some time dammnit!

I guess i’m happy with this, I like how i made a blog post that’s really unrelated to the damn title. I feel , hungry. oh wait, is lunch time over at GMT +8 already. in fact , lunch was suppose to be 2 hours ago… See the things i do in order to do this post!

I think i shall go watch Madoka …. soon. 🙂


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