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How big is the church of madoka ?

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A little quick dive into the internets can tell you a lot in the age of rapid flowing information. So from what i roughly gathered, the Church of Madoka is in a few places. Let me list out the place so those who believe in Haruhism or other anime-related Goddess/Gods can stone those places. (Actually i’m more of a peace guy, so no stoning).

Just these data shows there’s at least 3,500 members that aren’t afraid to show themselves. Of course I’m assuming everyone is unique and not the same person but possessing different presence in different services. Although this is highly likely but 3,500 strong looks more impressive than say 1,000. Also big figures spurs big emotional trigger as well. If you still have yet to watch Madoka like myself. No fear! I got you covered, if you prefer reading since 12 epds x 20mins takes up too much time, go ahead and read Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica : Review and Criticism ( by catchercatch of Blanks | Observations, a frontier.) I think catahercatch done a nice long writing. Hop over to Lost in America if you require a shorter summary or Project Haruhi for a medium size summary. Also if you’re interested to join the Church of Madoka, go over to Kurogane’s Anime blog and read the faq. As always, i look in the comments section for funny replies and behold , i found a haruhism in the midst of the Church of Madoka, which brings me to my next point(if any at all).

How big is Haruhism?. Madoka took a full season to convince people that The Church of Madoka must be erected and believe in Goddess Madoka but what about haruhism ? How many episodes did it took to convince people that Haruhi was a God ? Personally, i have the manga, the novels, the figurines and i’ve watched the series many times but not a single artifact from the Madoka. I also haven’t heard Madoka’s OP.. Alright shall go youtube now to listen.

Is it just me or is the song kinda depressing not to mention the OP is like a loli show instead of a goddess in the making ? Compare that to the bubbly nature of Haruhi’s OP ,

Granted both are total different type of shows. But since both are ranked as Gods, i guess that slight difference doesn’t make a slight difference. But i’m kinda sad at that Haruhism Facebook page is small. Maybe Haruhism doesn’t need so many physical/digital placement to proof that the haruhism exist. After all, haruhism existed wayy before Madoka. Here’s a hypothesis, If Haruhi never existed would there be animes like Lucky Star, K-on or even Madoka? My guess is, No.

Simply because Haruhi wanted all those to happen thus it happens. Not us, not you, not the studios just haruhi. Now you ask me, How did Haruhi happened? Haruhi just happen because she wants it. Simple. Wait, this isn’t a big slap to The Church of Madoka. If any, I’m a open minded person. I can handle the fact that Madoka is the new uprising Goddess, I’m just curious to know how big is the Church vs Haruhism.


6 responses to “How big is the church of madoka ?

  1. Mushyrulez April 27, 2011 at 12:20 am

    Haruhi and Madoka were completely different types of anime.

    Also, Madoka got goddesshood from the fanbase. Haruhi got it because, well, she’s a God.

    Let us not forget that if Madoka is a God, what does that tell you about Incubator?

    • PP April 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm

      Incubator ? what’s that ?.. If is a madoka term.. Then i’m not so sure about it since i have yet to watch :3

  2. ImperialX April 27, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Madokaology is not going to get as big as Haruhiism. This I can assure you.

  3. totoum April 29, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Even though I’m a member of the church of Madoka I have to recognise that there probably only one reason that the church is so much bigger than Harushism:in 2006 websites like facebook,myanimelist,twitter didn’t exist,if they did I’m sure things like the Harushism facebook page would have a whole lot more members.

    On a sidenot,the OP of madoka might not make it seem like there’s a god in the making,but the ED makes it look like “something” is going to be made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlL1hMwLaZw

  4. mahou_shounen May 2, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    I don’t think there has to be Haruhi first in order for Madoka to be existed because the former has nothing to do with the latter. Like you said both of they’re completely different *cough* “religions”. That negates the claim that the latter depends on the former, unless you’re saying that Madokaism is derived from Haruhism, just like Buddhism were born from Hinduism. Some people may not like it when I try to be serious here but since I see myself as a TRUE anime fan then I can’t help but to take anime matters seriously. That’s the only way for me to enjoy my anime.


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