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Looking for bloggers to join in.

Well currently i have and are watching at least 10 anime. No doubt the list might expand if i happen to find something interesting. Which is highly likely. Now it’ll be really helpful if there are bloggers out there that are planning or are already watching the stuff i’m watching, drop me a comment and we see what we can do. Lately i’ve developed a schedule to blog certain stuff at certain days.

As a blogger of otakurean.net what would you get? Sorry but nothing at the moment. 😛 but you do get to blog without owning a blog. If you want to do just a series and setting up a blog is too much of a work, hey no problem, come over to join me.

Anyway, whatever your plans to do and you like my blog enough to join, drop me a comment. And yes having a twitter isn’t a must but it does make things more convenient. Tweeting beats emailing !

I want to take part in the mp3 experiment too T_T

I love the ImproveEverywhere channel on youtube. They do one of the best videos , i especially like their mp3 experiment and their random musicals. Speaking of random, here’s their newest musical. Now you know what i feel? I feel like singinnnngggggggggggg…….. Maybe next time.

Backlog anime to clear #2

From my previous backlog , I have 4 animes thats waiting for me to watch finish. But haha, well i have no idea why but suddenly, I have a even bigger list. so on top of those 4 i have ,

I guess now i will really really need more time to complete. The way i’ll be blogging… I highly doubt though i will blog as per episode. Thats too long.. I will get bored. What i’ll do is that i will blog whenever and whatever about it. Like GTO , i dedicate a lot to cigarettes and his expression. Sailor moon wise, maybe mostly transforming ? I don’t know. Well at least the current season are easier to blog about since they are still running. Speaking of which i should do round up as well…. AHHH so many things to do.. I need more writers to ease the load…

Anyone wants to join in ?

Live blogging of God vs Satan , a commentary and lulz

Time now is 8pm(GMT+8). I turn on the TV to watch History Channel and god forbids, the show i’m watching is.. God VS Satan. I didn’t tweeted throughout the whole show. But i gotta into serious Live-tweeting about 1 hour into the show. And this serves as a archive of what i tweeted throughout the show. It has a few of my view but mostly from the documentary itself! I TELL NO LIES!

  • satan tempts human into sins. Not force them into sins. we are the sinners
  • snake = symbol of evil. but i reckon snake soup and snake meat should taste good. no ?
  • ROFL in the documentary God vs Satan, satan grew up from a lill baby to a menacing adult !
  • #GodvsSatan are fighting on a daily basis ???????? gosh the fuck is the documentary trying to show ???
  • wooo watch as satan attacks jesus when he was still a human! #historychannel #GodvsSatan
  • Satan put together an army of demonic soldiers !
  • JC went into the wilderness to fast & pray for 40 days n 40 nights
  • satan challenges JC ! turn stone into bread !
  • would JC sold his soul to the devil to get all the power n glory of this world?
  • End of days .. either in JC lifetime or his followers. thats so vague !
  • oooh Holy city surrounded by foreign army. the foreigners look like Romans!
  • is war , famine and earthquake a norm these days ?
  • JC had to be stop! he is a traitor to rome! Rome is democratic ! sounds familiar to you?
  • gosh JC getting crucified was a plot by satan!!
  • JC came as a king of israel but he failed. and got crucified. how do you explain that? – an expert asked
  • i cant believe i’m live blogging about “God vs Satan” thats showing on History channel
  • satan was no match for the divine power !
  • luke and john said it was satan who instigated on jesus death. which dealt a blow to god. BUT!
  • Earthly throne ? Earthly king who will bring in peace ? sounds like East of Eden. DID east of eden had bible reference??
  • violent events would signal JC return. COMING END OF DAYS!
  • 70 AD , end of days published
  • Christians refuse to worship the roman emperor ! WAR !
  • god will come back AND AVENGE his people and nation! with the armies of heaven!
  • Book of revelations will help man prepare to survive the full strength of satan.
  • ooh 7 seals sealing the scroll !
  • each broken seal = disaster ! = end of world in 7 steps !
  • red = war, black=famnie & green house=death appear. white horse = evil ruler
  • lord how long is it going to be when you avenge our death ? – expert said so
  • the waters of earth, turned into blood. the cosmos itself is in chaos. GODS WRATH!
  • 7th horse , caused the largest earthquake ever felt. Note the key word, Felt. !
  • WWI and WWII = disasters .. the fuck
  • God has JC, satan jealous. So he made his own version!
  • Satan summon beast fromn the earth & sea !
  • Trinity of EVIL!
  • satan evil team will build an army of the coming battle!
  • gosh there are watchers mentioned in the book of revelation ???
  • dad “fuck that documentary , they make it sound so real” .. lol dad.
  • Diabolical beast take human form AND BRING ABOUT armageddon
  • Some people claim, god will save god’s people. RAPTURE!
  • all believers gonna be taken up. BILLIONS OF PEOPLE SNATCH UP AND MEET god in the air.
  • none of god’s people would suffer
  • god believer will magically disappear !
  • satan will recruit human soldiers !
  • The beast = The anti-christ. Satan’s henchmen !
  • the beast appears as a good guy, makes the world believe him
  • Anti-Christ is going to establish single world government and religion !
  • 666 = satan’s army !
  • Reject 666 and be killed !
  • if u translate 666 , it becomes Emperor NERO !
  • CHOOSE! satan or god ?
  • armageddon is a name of a place!
  • armageddon is an ideal place to fight in ANY generation !
  • Satan said to god “IS ME OR YOU!”
  • Mountain of Megiddo, Top 100 must visit before the End of days!
  • commercial over! BACK TO god vs satan!
  • Suffering and chaos will reach its peak!
  • Satan has a time limit !
  • Together satan will march with its evil army to defend its evil land!
  • satan will cause the extinction of humans !
  • Cosmic Battle!! JC vs Satan!
  • JC in shiny armor ! Fighting the Dark army !
  • JC wielding the most powerful weapon. THE WORD OF GOD
  • — Twitter threw me into Twitter jail —
  • Angels invite vultures to feast on satan dead army !
  • Trinity survived god’s wrath !
  • Anti-christ cast into hell
  • satan lock up for a 1,000 years ; just like how twitter locked me out!
  • Those who chose the side of god, goes to Utopia
  • Satan loses BUT HE WILL NOT STOP!
  • God’s bloody victory ! – Book of revelation
  • Word of God, slain many of satan’s army
  • Satan over come by JC, then chained and locked up!
  • JC won!
  • JC will rule earth for 1,000 years
  • Great, 1,000 years after JC rule, Satan will come out of jail =/
  • Evil will make a final appearance !
  • Chain satan up doesnt weaken him even after 1,000 years!
  • Satan tormented day & night FOREVER
  • Netherworld firery place of torment, suited for satan suffering
  • end of time period ! END OF TIME FOR SATAN
  • The world will be destroyed, new heaven and earth will be created
  • True end of days coming!
  • Destruction of the universe!
  • God will seat on his throne and read out THE BOOK.
  • Those in earth, heaven n hell will be judge!
  • Will the ancient text come true!??
  • If you ask me , whatever the bible says is happening now.
  • in every age, humanity prays for the end of evil
  • End of days concept, ever green concept that appeals to all!
  • Yes indeed the world will end – expert said
  • God tell us enough to get us prepared and not scare the shit out of us
  • Earthquake!
  • Major flood/famnie!
  • Will it happen in your lifetime ?

And roughly 30mins before this post was made : sorry folks, twitter locked me up in chains ! =(

I’m pretty sure Twitter Tools will archive whatever i’ve tweeted and you would probably see a reprint of this content. But I guess i should pump this out as fast as i can XD. Oh since I’m at it , i should also pump in the @ replies i’ve gotten from twitter! Without you guys, today’s live tweet wouldn’t be this interesting!

#FF : @anaaga94 , @pIsangpIsang , @Hit_TP , @anya_fenec , @hisuiRT , @adun50 , @fkeroge , @otakurean


The link from @hisuiRT : http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Nrvnqsr_Chaos

Interesting wiki’s read up that you can do :

Stay tune for next time. When i watch another History Channel’s “Documentary” . On the serious note, With Documentary this interesting, who says Education is boring ?

Cure Blossom 1st transformation

Some things don’t change over time. For a magical girl, you need an item of power, preferably a girly item. Next, a catchy line to activate the technology thats hidden in that item. Power unleash! turning the girl into outline and clothes began to appear. After a few spinning around, rainbow, flowers, sparkling stuff…. LITTLE GIRL BECOMES MAGICAL GIRL!. End off with a pose! You’re all set to save the world !

my first #Terribad with #sccsav , OH GOD WHY

(*WARNING before you read this post any further* DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS AT HOME!)

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/otakurean/status/74601958660521984″%5D

Is 0625am. I just barely woke up. I even went to sleep early last night to get myself ready for terribad together with the peeps. Do a search “Abunai sisters” . But i have a suggestion , go ahead and just watch episode 1 over at crunchyroll(head down to the bottom of this post, i’ve embedded aubnia sisters in, found it on youtube). Seriously that’s all you ever need in your lifetime for this show, EVER. God why did i even wake up for abunai sisters? WHY WHY WHY? How the hell did Production IG went from abunai sisters to Ghost in the shell(/source : production IG site.)? Also, Abunai sisters isn’t a very old anime, it was….. 2009 ! THE HELL IS THIS ?I don’t even know how the animators do this anime, how the seiyu do their voicing and how.. how did the script writer even write this shit? I’m in a shock state. I am.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/5camp/status/74623133902061568″%5D

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/emperorj/status/74624345607122944″%5D

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/caraniel/status/74624944172056576″%5D

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/roghek/status/74624659332677632″%5D

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Before i can even recover from my shock state, Next up we watched Mars of Destruction , Personally it ain’t thaaaaaaaat bad.  ok i fucking lied. It is bad. Normally I’m alright for bad animation as long as there’s at least a story going on. But this, there wasn’t any! no story at all, dirt shit animation and worst of all, the voice actoring…. Gosh. Everything about this anime is just wrong, wrong wrong wrong! Let see, what was Mars of Destruction all about ?

  • Martians? Check.
  • Space travel? Check.
  • Humans? Check.
  • Powered Suits? Check.
  • Women? Check.
  • Guns? Check.
  • Violence? Check,
  • Monsters? Check.
  • Anicent Monsters? Check.
  • Monsters claiming that humans were the invaders? Check.

Also Mars of destruction was a 2005 anime, HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPENED ? But regardless of how shitty the anime is and how early i have to wake up for those shit, it was fun to take part in sscsav (sscsav means “The Standing Committee for the Coordination of Simultaneous Anime Viewing“) It is almost 9am now. Dear gosh my eyes are still bleeding from the epic animes that i’ve watched. Yes i think I’m officially awake, wide awake.


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