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Live blogging of God vs Satan , a commentary and lulz

Time now is 8pm(GMT+8). I turn on the TV to watch History Channel and god forbids, the show i’m watching is.. God VS Satan. I didn’t tweeted throughout the whole show. But i gotta into serious Live-tweeting about 1 hour into the show. And this serves as a archive of what i tweeted throughout the show. It has a few of my view but mostly from the documentary itself! I TELL NO LIES!

  • satan tempts human into sins. Not force them into sins. we are the sinners
  • snake = symbol of evil. but i reckon snake soup and snake meat should taste good. no ?
  • ROFL in the documentary God vs Satan, satan grew up from a lill baby to a menacing adult !
  • #GodvsSatan are fighting on a daily basis ???????? gosh the fuck is the documentary trying to show ???
  • wooo watch as satan attacks jesus when he was still a human! #historychannel #GodvsSatan
  • Satan put together an army of demonic soldiers !
  • JC went into the wilderness to fast & pray for 40 days n 40 nights
  • satan challenges JC ! turn stone into bread !
  • would JC sold his soul to the devil to get all the power n glory of this world?
  • End of days .. either in JC lifetime or his followers. thats so vague !
  • oooh Holy city surrounded by foreign army. the foreigners look like Romans!
  • is war , famine and earthquake a norm these days ?
  • JC had to be stop! he is a traitor to rome! Rome is democratic ! sounds familiar to you?
  • gosh JC getting crucified was a plot by satan!!
  • JC came as a king of israel but he failed. and got crucified. how do you explain that? – an expert asked
  • i cant believe i’m live blogging about “God vs Satan” thats showing on History channel
  • satan was no match for the divine power !
  • luke and john said it was satan who instigated on jesus death. which dealt a blow to god. BUT!
  • Earthly throne ? Earthly king who will bring in peace ? sounds like East of Eden. DID east of eden had bible reference??
  • violent events would signal JC return. COMING END OF DAYS!
  • 70 AD , end of days published
  • Christians refuse to worship the roman emperor ! WAR !
  • god will come back AND AVENGE his people and nation! with the armies of heaven!
  • Book of revelations will help man prepare to survive the full strength of satan.
  • ooh 7 seals sealing the scroll !
  • each broken seal = disaster ! = end of world in 7 steps !
  • red = war, black=famnie & green house=death appear. white horse = evil ruler
  • lord how long is it going to be when you avenge our death ? – expert said so
  • the waters of earth, turned into blood. the cosmos itself is in chaos. GODS WRATH!
  • 7th horse , caused the largest earthquake ever felt. Note the key word, Felt. !
  • WWI and WWII = disasters .. the fuck
  • God has JC, satan jealous. So he made his own version!
  • Satan summon beast fromn the earth & sea !
  • Trinity of EVIL!
  • satan evil team will build an army of the coming battle!
  • gosh there are watchers mentioned in the book of revelation ???
  • dad “fuck that documentary , they make it sound so real” .. lol dad.
  • Diabolical beast take human form AND BRING ABOUT armageddon
  • Some people claim, god will save god’s people. RAPTURE!
  • all believers gonna be taken up. BILLIONS OF PEOPLE SNATCH UP AND MEET god in the air.
  • none of god’s people would suffer
  • god believer will magically disappear !
  • satan will recruit human soldiers !
  • The beast = The anti-christ. Satan’s henchmen !
  • the beast appears as a good guy, makes the world believe him
  • Anti-Christ is going to establish single world government and religion !
  • 666 = satan’s army !
  • Reject 666 and be killed !
  • if u translate 666 , it becomes Emperor NERO !
  • CHOOSE! satan or god ?
  • armageddon is a name of a place!
  • armageddon is an ideal place to fight in ANY generation !
  • Satan said to god “IS ME OR YOU!”
  • Mountain of Megiddo, Top 100 must visit before the End of days!
  • commercial over! BACK TO god vs satan!
  • Suffering and chaos will reach its peak!
  • Satan has a time limit !
  • Together satan will march with its evil army to defend its evil land!
  • satan will cause the extinction of humans !
  • Cosmic Battle!! JC vs Satan!
  • JC in shiny armor ! Fighting the Dark army !
  • JC wielding the most powerful weapon. THE WORD OF GOD
  • — Twitter threw me into Twitter jail —
  • Angels invite vultures to feast on satan dead army !
  • Trinity survived god’s wrath !
  • Anti-christ cast into hell
  • satan lock up for a 1,000 years ; just like how twitter locked me out!
  • Those who chose the side of god, goes to Utopia
  • Satan loses BUT HE WILL NOT STOP!
  • God’s bloody victory ! – Book of revelation
  • Word of God, slain many of satan’s army
  • Satan over come by JC, then chained and locked up!
  • JC won!
  • JC will rule earth for 1,000 years
  • Great, 1,000 years after JC rule, Satan will come out of jail =/
  • Evil will make a final appearance !
  • Chain satan up doesnt weaken him even after 1,000 years!
  • Satan tormented day & night FOREVER
  • Netherworld firery place of torment, suited for satan suffering
  • end of time period ! END OF TIME FOR SATAN
  • The world will be destroyed, new heaven and earth will be created
  • True end of days coming!
  • Destruction of the universe!
  • God will seat on his throne and read out THE BOOK.
  • Those in earth, heaven n hell will be judge!
  • Will the ancient text come true!??
  • If you ask me , whatever the bible says is happening now.
  • in every age, humanity prays for the end of evil
  • End of days concept, ever green concept that appeals to all!
  • Yes indeed the world will end – expert said
  • God tell us enough to get us prepared and not scare the shit out of us
  • Earthquake!
  • Major flood/famnie!
  • Will it happen in your lifetime ?

And roughly 30mins before this post was made : sorry folks, twitter locked me up in chains ! =(

I’m pretty sure Twitter Tools will archive whatever i’ve tweeted and you would probably see a reprint of this content. But I guess i should pump this out as fast as i can XD. Oh since I’m at it , i should also pump in the @ replies i’ve gotten from twitter! Without you guys, today’s live tweet wouldn’t be this interesting!

#FF : @anaaga94 , @pIsangpIsang , @Hit_TP , @anya_fenec , @hisuiRT , @adun50 , @fkeroge , @otakurean


The link from @hisuiRT : http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Nrvnqsr_Chaos

Interesting wiki’s read up that you can do :

Stay tune for next time. When i watch another History Channel’s “Documentary” . On the serious note, With Documentary this interesting, who says Education is boring ?


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