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Today we ate ! … something?

So we have a specail Toriko burger but that’s not important at all. Because this just a little snack for him. What is toriko going to eat? Or what monsters are attempting to eat him ? We’ll find out when ….. TORIKO FIGHTS THEM ! com’on place ya’ bets..

Been watching for like 7 episode of toriko. I don’t know if i should be glad or not that there isn’t “Meal of the day” every episode. But so far, i recall there’s only 3 meal of the day? pffffffffff. But there’s always random food island of the day. I guess i can live with that.


Summer shows i might/could watch

Well no fancy edited images like how blogs simply because i’m too lazy and cannot be bothered. What i’ll do is that i’ll post links to the official site + youtube embeds. Anyhow,

Kami-sama no Memo-chou | http://www.kamimemo.com

looks good though. I will watch it. There’s NEET , a girl with many computer(lain?) and generally JC staff animations are good to look at. So yes a watch for me.

Next up ,

Another Kami-sama related title!!

Kamisama Dolls | http://www.kamisama-anime.jp/

There is gonna be blood , fighting , summons and a plot! Will watch.

NEX! (how i wish i can get money from pepsi from saying NEX! :< )

USAGI DROP! | http://www.usagi-drop.tv/

You have to be a heartless bastard for not liking it. I WILL WATCH THIS!

Next up,

Idolm@ster | http://www.idolmaster-anime.jp/

Need i say more? This is idolmaster goddamit!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT.

Mawaru Penguin Drum | http://penguindrum.jp/

LOL is penguinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn , isn’t that enough for you to have this on your watch list? I know i have.

I think thats all i would want to watch, 5 is hell a lot of animes to catch!. The rest…. I’ll see how it goes when the other bloggers talk about it. Disadvantage if you are operating the blog alone like myself when it comes to new season shows, thats why if you’re into episodic blogging, you could join me or find blogs that are recruiting, that way different shows will get covered and not like me when i only would cover the shows that i would watch.

If you would like to read more in depth previews please head down to links below. There are definitely more bloggers that done up summer 2011 previews but these are the 4 that i’ve read so far. Or you could always google around for the summer 2011 chart. They tell you a lot of stuff.

With references from :


oh ya by the way, i bought myself a kindle =D , i know.. I know But fuck yeah go grab your own kindle if you haven’t. E-ink is simply god sent and ebooks do not take up physical space as much as a real book does.


Today we eat puffer sashimi!

Finally after two episodes of not eating… Toriko and gang are finally rewarded with…. PUFFER SASHIMI!. I once had a real fugu when i was in japan a few years back. Man it was no where near what Toriko and gang described the puffer whale as 😦 perharps real life isn’t as pretty as anime.

Having said that, after toriko and gang had a nice meal.

Yup this dude appears. Who or what is it ?

Amazing OP that tells you nothing of that anime

I have this sudden thought of compiling a list of cute op that i see in anime. Ahhh i think i have a couple to show case only. But if you have more, let me know via comments! I think i need to start using playlist on youtube for such post with so many videos =/.

google goes gaga

Look I’m no fan of lady gaga but this is a great piece of chrome commercial. This should be on TV networks for god’s sake. People should start to use chrome.

CE73 Stargazer, a very much preferred “Gundam Seed”

Personally I’m not a supporter of Gundam Seed and the sequel Destiny. However i really like this OVA , Stargazer. I like how Stargazer’s purpose isn’t to fight like the other gundams out there. Aslo liked it how its original “intent” was to explore space much like Voyager space probe or Pioneers space probe. But of course like all gundam “main robot”, this can fight.

Would be nice if Stargazer was shown first then using this as background information and build up SEED franchise from it. Probably something like Earth humans live in peace until Space humans demand rights to return back to earth and war breaks out. Weak GMs and “Macross-ish transforming GMs” by the Earth side and Powerful Gundams by the Space side. Finally, earth side develops Zaku-type with the aid of captured space scientist and finally earth gets a chance to fight back. Some how or rather the war lengthens causing both sides to incur heavy loses and they decided to sign a truce. Which the sequel, Destiny show how they try to maintain the peace with rebels groups fighting both sides and finally it connect the dots to Stargazer. But then again I guess this would make the Gundam franchise a boring show. But still, Gundam isn’t really a “young” franchise. I mean it could explore more of this type of “boring” concepts. Less gundam fighting, more on politics and stuff. Like how Stargate universe is doing.

Personally I’m a bigger fan of “realistic” gundams like the 08th MS team which i think has to be one of the best Gundam out there. However, I’m starting to like Gundam Unicorn a lot but the psycho frame thing has probably taken a bit too far. It feels like a super robot sort of idea, much like how i distaste Gundam OO. I’m sure there’s tons of Gundam OO fans out there but as an old school gundam guy when i first saw episode one of Gundam OO , with the stupid cross stance that Gundam OO took is a turn off. It feels like a evangelion wanna-be in a gundam shell which is Not a good combination in my opinion. I like evangelion a lot by itself and i like gundam too but merging them together? Pfff I’ll pass. Although I’m quite interested in watching Gundam OO movie. I guess this has became a somewhat of a rant instead of just plainly talk about Stargazer. =P ごめん。

To end it off, yes Do catch Stargazer if you can!

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