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What i read : 30-8-2011


As title suggest, this is what i read(or attempted to!) today :

Something unrelated to aniblogging :
And i spent like 1-2hours reading through all of this.. Actually I’m just kidding. I opened up all these tabs to read but in the end, i procrastinated and did not read all of them. I guess i could go back and read them at some point. But .. ahh fuck it . I am reading it now! Even though i’m doing up this post. My mind is always in an eternal struggle on being productive and plain lazy. Most of the time lazy always wins. Or i get distracted. Like how i ended up playing almost 1hour over of Killing Floor because it seems so much more fun. And how i ended up making this post and how i realised i should go sleep instead of reading all those lovely post that were crafted.
In anycase, Toriko blogging should start soonish. So far now there’s 21 episodes ^^. Anyway is not like i blog alot about that show.. I normally just paste a screenshot or two and write a line or two about it.. ^^ not a deep anime thinker here.. Fuck this, i shall go sleep instead ~_~//.

i was bored and things i learned after hitting my 10,000th tweet

I Found out the other night that i was a Pink Haired Tsundere, 

and this happened some time back , gaining new family over the internets 

Weird things that people say on Twitter , do not read on if you have a faint heart or you lived in a bubble world. Actually it ain’t weird if you’re part of the conversation or just hanging out in twitter, reading your timeline as it flashes away. Of course i cannot show you the whole twitter but just a snippet of it. If you really want to find out more, go hang out there~!

Thinking back, i think it has been a few months since i joined #sccsav but i’m hardly active in it, i only did 1 #sccsav watch and real life took over. became too busy and eventually too lazy to join in due to time zone difference. 

Lastly, you may not think highly of twitter but people do remember things they promised/talked about before!  This means there are real people behind the twitter handle! YES REAL PEOPLE!! 

 ♥  you twitter ! and everyone in it!  Before you know it, once you start……. There’s no stopping.  Just like being a cakeaholic,


I probably should, do a compilation of tweets when new anime comes out. I reckon it would be a better representations of the anime if it was captured at the point of watching rather than traditional blogging aka thinking about it while trying to write it down. Things are less tame when people do not really think that much and tells the world about it. Also almost 5am and I’m not done with statistics!! HELP! I pray i’m able to submit my work on time.

High school of the dead makes no fucking sense at all

Today I am going to talk about the “Boy Who leapt over Zombies”. This isn’t really a full review of the anime , it is just some rant that i developed while watching it.

I did a speed marathon of High school of the dead the other day. Whereby i did not sit through the full 22min-or-so-per-episode, thank goodness it is just 13 episodes!. I skipped whenever they have boring scenes or when i just do not want to see my screen filled with panties and boobs. Personally i like zombies movies like Dawn of the dead and Zombieland and they have one thing in common, They Eat Food. As in the humans, not the zombies.

It is just a small issue but i do not notice anyone of them looking for food. They are either sleeping or having some sex fantasy while they are sleeping. I know this is an anime but when there is too many boobs showing, it really gets boring. Also everyone female has HUGE boobs that do not fall to gravity, even the swordswomen(can’t remember her name) have really really big firm boobs that seems to have push up bra everytime when in reality she is wearing nothing but an apron and G-string. Not that i do not like fan service from time to time BUT every other minute to have boobs action?

BOOBS! IN MY OP!! If this was my first time watching anime and i watched this, i reckon ALL animes are like that. Boobs and all. But Thank goodness i’ve been fed with good wholesome 70s-90s anime when i was growing up. Also i notice there were many times where the nipple is suppose to fall out of whatever clothes they are wearing but magically the nipple stayed in. I just find it weird if you are going to show so many boobs, might as well spend a bit more effort in doing it correctly. After all this was a late night anime wasn’t it? But aye, Kids these days have access to porn at such early age already, I don’t even know why they bother to do ecchi anime when they can just do the real boob revealing instead.

There was never a point in this anime whereby you wouldn’t be greeted with compromising shots like this

If anyone was bored enough to count the amount of time boobs get screen time, please let me know.

As the series goes on, High school of the dead reminds me so much of the game, Left for dead(PC version of course). Another small issue I’ve noticed is that , they actually stab zombies in their heart and THEY DIE FROM IT. >..


Speaking of nonsense, take a look at this

My mind was going off “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!” “WHAT T.H.E FUCK?!” The gun recoil will seriously hurt her even if the boobs function as a cushion. HE is a complete wreck when it comes to shooting because he is a melee character. BUT suddenly when he uses that woman as a tripod, he can fire. Not wanting to spoil your fun but 😛 he misses most of his shots which stopped my rage.

Personally i were to rate this, i will only recommend this anime for people who can wank off to zombie slashing teenage girls that have boobs bigger than their head. Other than that, I don’t even find this anime funny or entertaining. If you want to find out why so many people like this anime, go ahead and watch it for yourself. But i reckon your conclusion would be the same as mine, Boobs, fuck tons of em.

ps : How many times did the word “Boobs” appeared in my post?

Steins;Gate happened and John titor exists

With just one message, the world changed. Now if you were in this position one day to send a message back to the past, what would you send?. Knowing that whatever you send will alter your present no matter how minor the message may be. Oh by the way, you are limited to 36 english characters as well. About 4 times smaller than twitter.

I got interested in this anime not because i had a choice. Simply because my room mate has it and i thought, Why not watch it together. So i did and boy oh boy. This is such a good choice!! So far I’m at episode 12 and i intend to keep it that way until the series ends. First off, lets begin with the op,


Official site : http://www.kanataro.com/disc/hacking_gate/

Love the tune of the song but the singer’s voice however reminds me of a certain band i once heard off in one of bleach’s OP or was it naruto? Anyway it sounds familiar yet distinct enough. Not going to go so far into reviewing the music since that is not what I’m here for today. Simply put, Good choice of OP. Alright, moving alonggggg.. I do not really like the ED so i shall not waste my time to paste the youtube embed for it. Go find out yourself.

The first episode really is a mind fuck with things happening and things happened and things did not happened and things happened. I know it sounds confusing but thats what you get if you watched the first episode. Or at least thats how i felt. In fact, my head hurts so much that i almost wanted to give up watching it. Thankfully i did not. Because after getting pass the first episode, the following 11 was pretty easy relatively, [update 3 hours after drafting this post | so i decided to continue watching now that I’m in episode 16,  WHY DID I DO THAT FOR?????? So far the newest is episode 18? ARGHH!!!! | end]. I’m just glad that when it first aired, i did not followed it. If i did, i would be looking forward to every releases screaming in pain if it even arrived 1 second later. Not going to spoil your fun of watching it but if you so insist,  here are some blogs regarding steins;gate

If you want to, you can also search within my anime blog RSS feeds here : http://www.google.com/reader/bundle/user%2F01680764681344175067%2Fbundle%2FAnimes%20blog%20%7C%20to%20read

*Another bonus* , i did not pick this for any reason, it was the first few search results that pop out when i did a search on my Greader, this is a  podcast that talked about steins;gate , http://www.anime-pulse.com/2011/07/31/episode-288-steinsbastard/

Anyways, what I’m really interested about the show isn’t really the show. Do not get me wrong, the show is fucking interesting but what I’m after is the “logic” or the “reference” behind it. For it seems “real” enough to make me google for this particular reference called, “John Titor“. Yes “John Titor” from the year 2036. Interestingly, this shows follows very closely on “John titor”. If you have watched your fair share of Sci-fi shows/anime/movies that deals with Time travel, you will find some terms familiar. Now, I am not a physics guy so there are stuff which i do not understand sometimes as well. But there’s a few fact about this show’s reference. Let me list the real stuff  or at least existed in our world line that was used in the anime ,

There are a few locations mentioned in the anime and I’m sure for those that are new to “anime” or “japan culture”. You could be wondering if this town called “Akihabara” exist ? YES IT DOES. BEING NEW TO ANIME DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE EXCUSE TO NOT BELIEVE THAT A GREAT PLACE LIKE AKIHABARA ONLY EXISTS IN ANIME! Do a quick 0.83 second “Akihabara” in google you can get tons of info, i’ll just do a quick one and paste one or two.

Also lately I been using Google+ and you can see my mug shot, so if you’re in tasmania, hobart and you happen to recognise me, do say hi. Also been neglecting my twitter.com/otakurean account as well =(. Simply because tweetdeck been giving me issues and i cant be fucked into using the site itself. I mean it has been around far longer than google+ but it still has the same instability issues. Google+ works really well and I’m always in Gmail so this is a win-win i guess. If you’re on it, add me if you want to. However i will not add you back if your profile isn’t really filled out.

In other news, I been watching a lot of Revision 3 now simply because my ISP, internode , mirrors them on their unmetered servers as value-added services to customers, so at least with my pathetic 60GB quota, i get to watch revision 3 shows without any harm to my quota!~~ Ahh feels good to post something on my blog again after a while.. I guess the break away helps to refresh me. And by break i meant real life. I’m still thinking about the idea of doing a podcast show. Again nothing plan and also i may or may not commit to it. I can’t even commit to writing posts. Maybe i really need a D-mail to send to my past and tell him to wake the fuck up and get posts done!.

Lastly, before i end this. Toriko been really slow on releases, so i stopped blogging them regularly but i will do them again when i have at least 6 more episodes. so i can schedule them =P. See you all, stay cool and stay warm. (winter here by the way).

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