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My chihaya shrine… sort of.

Happy 2012 everyone!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I remember watching this as a kid AND I LOVED IT!. Would love to watch it again if i could get my hands on it. I know! I will go dig youtube to find other animes that is this particular genre , the Super robot toys franchise. I probably wouldn’t type much for the rest if i don’t recall watching them. Anyway , have you watched this series before ?

When i was a kid, i loved Power rangers


I don’t know how many of you watched it before, but back in the days when i was young, I was a huge fan of it. We had the american version of super sentai which is known to everyone as Power Rangers. The reason why the japanese super sentai didn’t really take off, is probably because of licensing OR there were no hong kong or taiwanese dubbers. Anyway, thanks to the magic to youtube, I manage to stumble across this gem. Also many Thanks to the guy that was basically bored enough to compile it. Yes power ranger when it first started was fucking awesome but when the Power rangers went into space , it became really lame quickly. I doubt i will ever like the new ones but Mighty Morphing Power Rangers will always be my number 1 Power rangers series.

Kids, this is important piece of culture you have to take in!

To end this, i leave you with one of the best Power Ranger episode or at least what i could find in youtube. There’s probably more but diving deep into youtube is both time consuming and scary, anyway here it is, Forever Red

Chihayafuru : 1 – 12

Chihayafuru… I LOVE THIS ANIME. I love it that it is a shoujo and it has shounen elements in it. Did i mention I love Shoujo?

This anime feels like a condense version of the things i love in other shoujo anime. First off you have a beautiful lead character, Chihaya. Then you give her flaws yet at the same time, this flaws suit her so much it becomes her charms. Next, you mix in 2 guys who are equally strong in character and to top if off, Childhood friends.

I would be bluffing if i said i dont like the childhood friends idea but i think maybe it is used too often?. But i guess for an anime like this, you need some background history and since the characters are like 16 years old, childhood is the only history you can make up. Unless Chihaya is like 30 or something then you could use high school as a background.

well like i tweeted out earlier ,

Despite being a shoujo anime, the card game scenes are intense as hell. It really puts anime like Yugioh into shame. If you compare the card battles, the pure shounen Yugioh isn’t really as exciting as Chihayafuru. Don’t get me wrong, i like yugioh but come on, this shoujo is more exciting and intense than a shounen? Granted there’s no Dark magician or blue eyes white dragon animation but goddamnit, SHOUJO CARD FIGHTS ARE AWESOME. Also it helps to have someone as kawaii as chihaya-chan ❤ ! I love you Chihaya~~~ I am officially fan-boying over you~~~~~~ !!!!!!!

AHHHH i wouldn’t mind buying a Chihaya 2012 calender if it exists.

I like how the storyline builds up from episode 1 to episode 12. There isn’t an episode where i find it boring. Of course crossing my fingers and i hope the next 13 episodes wouldn’t be boring at all as well.

Having said that, i can’t wait for more Chihayafuru. Did i mention this is the best shoujo of 2011? If i haven’t, I AM DOING IT NOW.

I need to make a chihaya-chan only post as well. So many wonderful screen caps of her ^^.

Toriko : トリコ3D 開幕!グルメアドベンチャー!!

Ahhh, Toriko, this anime has to be my current favourite shounen anime. This movie takes place before the series itself because of this toriko isn’t really that powerful yet but he is already a famous food hunter. So your usual gang isn’t available, well if you haven’t watch toriko series before you’re in luck! you should really watch this to start you off. Right now there are 34 episodes in the tv series and they follow the manga closely.

Sometimes, I just find it amusing when the “real world” is bitching about smoking. Here we have Toriko, an anime for kids, promoting smoking. Now i am a smoker myself so i do not find it “repulsive” like those anti-smoking evangelist and I would like to try that cigar Toriko is smoking as well. Maybe cigars are alright, at least it is not cigarettes which is very much frown on.

Anyhooo, the movie did not try shove in the gourmet world idea in your face that much. Because you have to remember, Toriko is set in a different world than ours. In toriko’s world, cooked food literally grow on trees and there are monsters that taste so heavenly, it is worth searching the world’s end for them. The movie is introducing you to the concept of gourmet world slowly as the movie progresses. Which is good.

You will see marbled meat as the default awesome tasting meat drawing. What is marbled meat you ask? Go fucking wikipedia or google it dammnit. ! Have you not tried marbled meat? If you do, you will know why this anime is always promoting top quality meat as being marbled. I knew i shouldn’t talk about toriko during lunch time. Now i am as hungry as fuck. Well, I shall go make some food first.

—– 20 mins later —–

My life sucks, i do not have marbled meat in my fridge and i cannot go out to hunt for it. It is expensive beyond my reach and australia do not have proper japanese marbled meat nor does toriko world exists. Fuck.

Despite Toriko being an anime for kids. I think older folks can enjoy it as well. I am 24 personally and i really enjoy this anime. It brings back the old school shounen feeling where the are positive messages being put across besides smashing your enemy with overwhelming power or eating so much that your belly swell up.

Toriko is always pushing the value of life, how food should be shared and the happiness obtain simply by having friends and good food. Of course, Never give up is the default shounen anime messages.

You get “epic” fights in toriko, again you have to remember this is an anime for the kids and family so do not expect over the top gurren lagann style fights. But having said that, you do get scenes like this which reminds me of gurren lagann ,

Another concept the movie have not touched on is the “power” toriko and other hunters have. Which is gourmet cells and with those special cells, you can have awesome and epic demonic aura like this ,

Having aura isn’t enough for shounen anime, no no no, you need to physically power up as well!

Because this is a kids show, having power up like that sends a easy message to the kids. Bigger arms = more power. But of course you and i know that if you have arms that big, you don’t really have that much mobility. Logic do not exists in toriko’s world. Which is why this is a kids show. Again i stressed, Kids show.

You might think i do not like shounen anime or something. Truth be told, i love this genre the most. I fell in love with it as a kid and i still do. It captures what every kid wants or imagines, being a super-hero/character or have imaginary worlds that destroys all logic. I feel toriko really capture this feeling really well.

The artist always portray people in tears when they have really fucking awesome tasting food. These days, it is pretty difficult to have food that is so good that you will be in tears. This movie isn’t really that long. They fought a few monsters and ate them, introduced you to the Toriko lore and finally this ,

This is the start of the series first episode. Like i said if you haven’t watched the series before. This movie is a great starting point. I’m not going to rate this movie but i personally enjoyed it. If you are looking for a shounen anime to watch, give this a try.

The site is under maintenance .. sort of.

Well i finally got off my lazy ass and started to organize the blog. Firstly, deleted all my previously imported categories. So now i got to one by one re-categorize and tag them. I been sort of lazy on the tagging and anything that i don’t really see much point in giving them a dedicated tag, i’ll just file them under randoms.

Also as i am going through all my old posts, i figured i should go through and revise some of them as well. Lastly, i realised i have not imported anything between 2008 – 2010. 😦 I don’t know if i still have the xml files of em or not. If i don’t i’ll be quite sad that i lost 2-3 years worth of stuff. Those 3 years was when i was at otakurean.com ..

Speaking of domains, i should map it over to this blog. Maybe.


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