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Whatever happened to awesome super robots? they are driven to extinction !!

I don’t know how many of you grew up watching awesome 90s Super robot anime as a kid. If you do, what do you think of super robots these days? Do you find them too slender and simply not buff enough?

As much as i like the approach of Aquarion franchise but somehow they just can’t match up the gattai sequence of older super robots. I mean, using the idea of orgasm is a very different idea but… orgasm gattai gets really boring quickly. It doesn’t get you fired up at all. In fact, i cannot turn up the volume when i watch Aquarion because my housemate will think that i am watch fucking hentai in the middle of the day.

I mean, the last fucking awesome super robot was Gurren Lagann but that was so long ago. The second last super robot that i can think off is probably GaoGaiGar and i think GaoGaiGar was the last of its breed. sigh, this is so depressing!!! SRW anime don’t really count though.. They don’t really need to gattai, they are pretty much fine by themselves. Don’t get me wrong , they are awesome super robot too but they always felt like an afterthought to me. Like the games is awesome but the anime… The last SRW anime i watched was fucking boring but the OP is awesome nontheless.

By the way I suggest you to watch Gurren Lagann if you have not. In fact, Arc-Gurren Lagann is just the tip of the iceberg and that was the first one i saw on youtube when i searched for gurren lagann 😛 , there’s more gattai sequence but am too lazy to include them here. anyway I AM SO SAD THAT WE DONT HAVE PROPER SUPER ROBOT ANY MORE.

Off topic :

This is another Super robot that i love a lot and would like to watch it again if i can ever find it. Go watch the gattai and launch sequence, that is how Gattai is suppose to be!

off topic 2 :

I am watching Grendizer at the moment as well. I think i should blog about Grendizer at some point. There’s about 74 episodes for me to chew through.. Definitely not for those who can’t stand long animes! Grendizer is one of my favourite super robot of all time. !

Spring anime can go fuck themselves

Currently I am only watching , (I should blog about those anime i watch as well)

  • Toriko
  • New Prince of Tennis
  • Aquarion EVOL
  • Chihayafuru

(I mean i been saying that i should blog but i just get lazy) And of course something non-anime,

  • Kamen Rider Foruze
  • Tokumei sentai Go-buster

I do not have time for fucking spring 2012 animeeeee…!!!! #firstworldproblems. Well actually I might have though. Probably will watch a few ?

Anyway, there are tons of season previews out there, just go do a search on “spring 2012 anime previews”. To make your life simple, i’ll just randomly link a few here.

There are heaps more out there… So pick and choose your favourite. In fact, if you too lazy to read, i happen to stumble on a youtube podcast of spring 2012 preview, but annoyingly it is split into 2 parts >..< .. In fact speaking of podcast, it should be record today/tonight depending on where you are. and maybe the podcast will be released next week. If you have yet to check out my podcast , head over to : ” Please tell me that Awesome hour of Awesome isn’t the name ” or subscribe to it via : http://feeds.feedburner.com/ptmtahoaitrnPODCAST

Well, there are possibly some that i would want to watch , Space Brothers (宇宙兄弟). Because I love space and because there will be a live-action movie. I don’t care what the fuck you think but i think Space Brothers will be the best fucking spring anime!  except maybe, Polar Bear Cafe.

The next anime that i might watch is probably, sakimichi no Appolon, I been wanting to watch a good “band” anime. “Beck” is probably something that you guys can think off, I been meaning to finish “Beck” at some point though. Hopefully, Sakimichi no Appolon do not disappoint. And i like their character design

Of course, I am watching Ozma (Why can’t i seem to find the fucking trailer on youtube?). If Ozma is as good/awesome as i think it will be, then maybe they should do the same to Space Battleship Yamato and Galaxy express 999.

http://ozuma.jp << Go to specials and watch the trailer if you want.

AKB48 Live on youtube right now~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is awesome!

This will be the best film for a very long time! 仮面ライダー×スーパー戦隊 スーパーヒーロー大戦

Kamen Rider VS Super sentai? HOW AWESOME IS THIS?

Gokaiger – I need to start blogging about it..

海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー \ Kaizuoku(Pirate) Sentai Gokaiger has to be the one of the best super sentai series I’ve watched in ages. Personally, I grew up with the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers(otherwise known as Zyuranger) like many other kids in the 90s. Somehow I really must thank Saban Entertainment for bringing tokusatsu into the english speaking world. If they never did that, i would never known and would never loved tokusatsu as much as i do.

Most, if not 99% of the kids that grew up with Power rangers outgrew them, however the 1% like myself still retain the passion for it and the super sentai in me did not die out. The last time that i was still watching super sentai(power rangers) every week was Galaxy Rangers i think(can’t remember how many years back already!, although i could google but meh). Don’t get me wrong, I love both the american adaptation of super sentai and the real super sentai themselves. However, Gokaiger exposed me to the deep history of Super Sentai and also Metal Heros(VR troopers anyone?) which I think is really awesome. I’ve watched random episodes of Super sentai that pre-dates Zyuranger on tv as well when i was a kid but they were dubbed in malay so most of the time, they do not make sense to me.

Anyhow, I think i should do some blogging regarding Gokaiger. That means watching it again 😛 , not that I am complaining. The 35th sentai does have rewatchbility just for nostalgia reasons.

Also, the new sentai for this year is Tokumei Sentai Go-buster\特命戦隊ゴーバスターズ.  I guess i should blog about that as well. Not to mention, Kamen Riders as well.. so many things to blog about! If i actually go about and doing it that is :P..

oh, also just a shout-out to : JEFusion , Because they talk about Super sentai and i stumbled on that blog while looking for Go-buster information! Will be adding you guys into my feeddemon to keep up with those news!

Lastly, if you haven’t listened to it, the podcast that i run together with @dmckafka  , the place to go to is : http://ptmpodcast.wordpress.com/ , aww heck, I’ll just add the podcast file itself into this post.


Direct download link : 30mb : 1hr 54mins

There will be a new episode coming out next week! Going to record a new episode this Saturday!

Upcoming podcast

Finally i have done what i always wanted to do.. Record and do a podcast~ am doing the podcast with @dmckafka , the name of the podcast is “Please tell me that awesome hour isn’t the real name” and the site is @ http://ptmpodcast.wordpress.com/

Also if you want to(please!) subscribe to it @ http://feeds.feedburner.com/ptmtahoaitrnPODCAST

This podcast isn’t just about anime if you are wondering. But we try to stick to the topic as much as we can. however, when you mix beer into the party, it isn’t really that easy! We will try out best anyway. 

I hope this podcast can run for many many many episodes. 


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