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2012 Animes that I’ve watched. (1st quarter review) | kinda late but who cares?

I think having a 1/4-ly review for the animes I’ve watched this year is a good way of keeping track of the anime that i’ve watched. Instead of doing a giant list at the end of year(not that i did any before). *which is also long overdue!*

  • Sadamitsu the destroyer (love it)
  • X’amd (love it)
  • Toriko (loving it)
  • Chihayafuru (loved it for a while)
  • New Prince of Tennis (yawns)
  • Kamisama no memocho (love it)
  • Ocean Wave (love it)
  • Whisper of the heart (gotta be my #1 ! love it)
  • Gundam W (rewatched for nostalgia sake)
  • Aquarion EVOL (yawn towards the end)
  • Thermea Romae (awesome!)

Well those are the anime that I’ve watched. Some are re-watch, some are new, some are still on-going. Seriously, EVOL is a pain in the ass to watch, I lost interest at some point because it became frustrating to watch, i rather enjoyed the original Aquarion but EVOL is really distasteful. Does anyone else think the same regarding EVOL ?

Toriko is still on-going and i really enjoyed it. Also i doubt toriko will go on forever unlike bleach, naruto and one piece. But nontheless, the next 2-4 years I will have toriko to accompany me.


Insidious – a non anime related movie i just watched , fuck the creepy shit in it

So i just watched Insidious with my friends. And this show is fucking creepy. Not the way japanese horror movies do but this creepy feeling is more of an uneasy feeling that starts to creep in more and more through out the whole god damn movie.

Personally, if you have yet to watch, you should. They won like 10 awards (Just don’t read the plot in wiki, it gives away everything.)

Have you listened to the “please tell me that awesome hour of awesome isnt the name” podcast? Episode 1 is out!

So if you have yet to, here is episode 1. Personally, mediafire.com isn’t that good of a stream but their download is quick as hell. Anyhow looking forward to record episode 2 some time soon-ish(maybe)(hopefully)(Have to be!).

Re : http://ptmpodcast.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/podcast-episode-1-the-podcast-thats-was-4-months-late-and-failed-to-record-properly/





Play Length : 44.38 mins
File size : 10.2 mb

Direct link to download (Mediafire)

Direct link to download (Posterous)

If you like it, why not subscribe to the podcast or follow it at the main site if you are on wordpress.com

Bimbougami da – Cosplay <3

Spot the cosplay! Episode 2 is kinda cute, they played around with more concepts like big boobs have the ability to manifest her fortune energy into something physical. From the way it looks, they are gonna have a lot of jokes that involves cosplay/role playing. Which i think is awesome. Did i tell you that now i am fans of both big boobs and bimbougami? Pretty sure there will be quite a lot of cosplay of bimbougami in the coming weeks. I’ll be looking forward to that when it happens.

So far, am loving this anime more and more. I hope this anime will keep up its excellent job.

Getting back into the super sentai wave

Re : This post is actually long over due by 5 months!

When i first saw Gokaijia, I was really impressed with it. Simply because they could morph into all the previous super sentai. And they are not limited to the color as well. ie, Pink can morph into Red of the previous 34 teams, Red can morph into Blue and so on and so forth. Even the introduction of Gokaijia was fucking epic, I did not get into it only until the past week.

Anyway the reason for me to get back watching  super sentai is this : ゴーカイジャー ゴセイジャー スーパー戦隊199ヒーロー 大決戦 Gōkaijā Goseijā Sūpā Sentai Hyakukyūjūkyū Hīrō Daikessen ,


Fuck yeah, this is the most epic dream come true for any kid who likes Super Sentai or in my case, I grew with Power Rangers which is the 16th generation of Super Sentai. I would always regard the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers series as the best Super sentai series i’ve watched. The reason i collectively call them Super Sentai is not because i do not respect the American version but come on, the idea was from Super Sentai after all. I would love to be able to watch the actual 16th super sentai but i highly doubt that will happen.

So yeah, the 199 Super sentai movie is fucking awesome. Just like the previous kamen rider movie that i loved a lot, All riders vs Dai-shockers. Basically if you have a long running franchise that spans 2-3 decades , it is a fucking awesome idea to bring everyone together and protect the world or destroy it. My tears was basically over flowing when i first heard announcements or seen screen shots of those films. And my tears was flowing nonstop when i watched it as well.

How i wished those movies will be shown overseas !.


Note : I’m already back into 100% sentai wave.. just that i have yet to blog much at all…. T__T -wry- …..

Moyashimon returns – And i am taking a mircobe module this semester too

One of my favourite anime returns.. Kittaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously go watch the first season before you embark on this although they are pretty unrelated as far as i can tell. So it does and does not matter if you have yet to watch the first season. Personally? If i were you, i will go watch it because this anime is seriously good. Microbes are cute and this anime is seriously informative! So go brush up on your science facts people. Oh a note, if you are that kind that cannot concentrate, i guess you will find it really boring.

Other than that, looking forward to the next episode!




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