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Questioning morality – Titans slaughter house 進撃の巨人

Call me a sadistic person, but my goodness, i love it how this anime displays absolute fear and despair every time. I am actually rooting for the titans to kill off the soldiers! In all seriousness, this anime does rise a few questions, Does a person assumes responsibility towards the life of another person just because he is in the rank/position to do so? Or, is this a shared responsibility among everyone? Does anyone has the right to take away life from another person? And should you always aid a person in need?

Looking forward to how the anime is gonna pan out, i played cheat and read the manga >..> sooo I guess i am shooting myself in the foot for knowing what lies ahead. but still having sounds and color beats the plain b&w and soundless manga.


Kotonoha no Niwa 「言の葉の庭」- trailers and i want to watch it T__T

[youtube http://youtu.be/vJMTfCu_Gw8]

Makoto you are making me eyes bleed everytime… Can’t wait to watch it!

by the way, yt is working its magic again!

[youtube http://youtu.be/1o6sZ8K3Vy0]

Kamen no maid guy

Oh man, i love this anime. Love how silly this anime is.I was kinda surprised that this is an ecchi anime. Yes, they do have a lot of boobs joke and panties joke but what attracted me in was the potential it has. They made a big hoo-ha about appearing to have a deep plot and the jokes are just sort of leading up to the big serious plot at the last episode. Which they kinda did but the biggest plot twist was….. [spoilers].

Damnit, sometimes i want to talk more about what happens in animes but i feel like i am giving away too much damn spoilers for doing so :<.

anyhow, I do recommend watching this if you need a short anime for the weekend to watch. Ya i’ve seen people bitch about the lame jokes but if you like animes like Bimbougami ga, Arakawa under the bridge, bento and alikes, I am guessing you will enjoy Kamen no maid guy as well.

Attack of the titans : Hell is already here

If i need to quote something from this anime, it would be

My perspective about this world was wrong all along, we are all living in Hell already

– Armin

Episode 5 and 6 finally returns to the complete despair which is why everyone loves this anime. When there you cheering on for the characters and suddenly, BOOM!, they are dead. Nothing is more satisfying to know that the characters in this anime isn’t really to advance the story, they are just there to send shock to everyone else and of course for the titans to devour.

I strongly recommend you to start watching if you have not done so. In fact, it’ll good to do a 6 episode marathon, i bet cha be hooked to it.

Food , rubber and POWER LEVEL OVER 9000!

This is an awesome team up!!! , you have Toriko, Goku and Luffy all in one team helping and battling each other. Love how comical the Toriko x One piece x Dragonball crossover was. It also kinda “answers” the question of, if these 3 series were to collide, wouldn’t Goku naturally overpower all of them ? Turns out, it ain’t so true. Not to give out too many spoilers but ,

I did realise something, all 3 series have characters with crazy appetite ! Come to think of it, Goku can eat a few dinosaurs in one go, so can Luffy and of course Toriko. Not to mention the formula of these 3 series is pretty much the same. The main characters start off relatively powerful but require power up as the series progress because the enemies seems to be getting more insanely OPed as the series goes on, to a point where their power level do not make anymore sense.

But having said that, all 3 series also have a central theme , Dragonball being gathering all the dragonballs to make a wish, One piece being finding the one piece treasure and Toriko being finding “God”, aka the one food that taste so heavenly, it is literally the definition of a “God”.

Don’t know what i am trying to talk about here though.. Anyway, i highly recommend watching Toriko if you are looking for a shounen that is comical and “serious”. The manga is progressing really well but i fear the manga might get diluted if they decided to drag on for too long.

All super sentai OP (til 2013) !!

[youtube http://youtu.be/M-BWHYZrl2E]

AHhh the youtube recommending engine just keeps giving ♥ , instead of pick and choose which Red ranger, You get to choose which sentai you might like! Grab yourself a headphone and something else to do, there’s gonna be a lot of sentai OP education for you here.

Really love people who upload important history on youtube. 😀


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