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So i turned.. 26

Ref : https://otakurean.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/so-i-turned-24/

It’s been 2 years since my mother passed away and I have somewhat moved on. Life in hobart(Australia, Tasmania) is probably something more suited for me where i get to explore my interest in Plant science and/or science in general. The fast and fake pace of singapore really does not suit me. I do not want to live a life conforming to society rules where you get a degree, you get a job, you get married, you have kids, you buy HDB, you die. Whatever happened to individualism ? Whatever happened to expressing who you really are? Whatever happened to your dreams and passion ?

It is scary to know that I am actually 26 already. Still yet to have a long term relationship , hell even my last girlfriend was a few years back and it lasted like a few months before university. Probably the distance and probably we were not that into each other in the first place. I tried to get together with another one but kinda failed at that too( that was last year). This year? I am just focusing on my uni shit and I might be able to get my first ever paper publish as a fucking undergraduate. HELL YES but i shouldn’t get ahead of myself, it is.. just.. a .. MAYBE. but on the side note, i am trying to date this chick. just maybe.

Anyway, thinking back , I’ve been watching Power rangers/Sentai from at least 1991/1992 and anime at least i was 5 years old. So in a nutshell I do know a lot of sentai and anime. That’s how fast time flew. I remember watching Grendizer as a kid and in a blink of an eye, I’m shivering my ass off in hobart writing this post stating I am 26. I know i am not the “oldest” or the most “elderly” person here but i felt compel to say this and i will say it in caps,

IT IS OK TO BE A NERD/GEEK/ANIME MANIAC , YOU CAN GET GIRLFRIENDS AND WAIT FOR IT… SEX. , Just don’t weird out the girl first. and porn isn’t a good educator when it comes to sex , so unlearn all you have learned from hentai and porn. unless the girl wants it that way then ya take things slowly and enjoy the process.

with that i shall end off and get myself fucking drunk and maybe bang a drunk chick in the process. FUCK YES FOR ALCOHOL AND INTOXICATION!!!!!!!!!!

and remember , if you think life is fucked up (it probably is) , watch this video

[youtube http://youtu.be/FzSR_TFMirs]

And if you felt your heart cracking and tears flowing down your cheeks, you can be saved. just remember when you were a kid, what did you loved? Bring that love back to life to help you fight on and live the way you intended life to be.


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