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Goggle V!!!!

omg found this fuck awesome youtube channel, seriously go watch all the classics! before they are removed! not only does this awesome dude has showa era sentai, he even has heisei sentai too!!!! omg *internet hugs* now i can watch some old gems too!

Link to SentaiFan096 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMuFkvVOikmiTDIv-KSzMQ

Toriko why you ends T_T


Wanted to do this a long time ago (when toriko anime ended) but never really got into it, so i thought i should do it now. Anyway, I am a big shonen fan, from Dragonball Z, naruto, bleach, one piece and many many others, must have been more than a decade T_T yes being 27 years old now, i feel fucking old.

Toriko is kinda like an old school anime, where they have a lot of exploration going on in the anime and muscles that drives doctors crazy, which is really wonderful because many shonen anime kinda lacks that imo. The anime version has been very faithful in following the manga story which i also read concurrently BUT they decided that they will alter the ending because the anime has in theory overshot the manga…… I will not spoil it for you but that has a lot of serious implications ! In short, i think Toriko anime is not worth watching at all with that ending. Also, with that anime ending, they have open up another potential, the potential to have their own storyline. This mean a lot of half arse story will happen. They have fillers in between which i think is fine since this is a kids show but the fillers are mostly quite fucking bad. With that logic, they probably cannot do a proper storyline if they can fuck up fillers. Fucking fillers.

So tl;dr, read the manga (ZETTAI!!!!) and watch the anime if you have time.


there goes another anime

yowamushi pedal

Yowamushi pedal felt a bit goofy at first, admittedly the only reason why I even watched yowamushi was because of “Love hime”, which is the in-show anime that our nice protagonist, Onoda, love watching. If you are wondering about “Love hime”, No worries! got you covered.

hime! Hime! HIME!!!!~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suki suki daiii~suki~~!!!!!

I actually hope they turn “love hime” real, the fucking song is fucking catchy as balls. But then again, it will be like Densha otoko again when they turn the in-show anime real, Getsumento Heiki Mina, i do not remember it being good. So maybe not, do not make “love hime” real, at least i have a good impression of it.

Not to sound too homo but I love the small clips at the end when Onoda’s friend and team mate, Imaizumi, fell in love with the anime. You probably know this person irl, where a “non-anime” person falls in love with an anime. Anyway, here’s there clip. you can probably hear the fan girls screaming now.

Although “love hime” isn’t really the focus of the show, the cycling and bond between the team is. However, i must point you to this clip before i go on any further.

Right, now for the thoughts.

sorry, can’t help myself 😛 . That’s a 10 minutes loop of Onoda singing Love hime theme song. FUCKING GOOD I SAY! So at episode 38, it concluded the first season. But it did not end with an ending, it ended with a fucking cliff fucking hanger!

I am kinda impulsed into reading the manga just to know what the fuck happens but but buuuutttttt the character design of the creepiest fuck cyclist I’ve seen so far is fucking good. Too lazy to post up pictures of him but when you watch it, you will know what i mean.

And the next season is coming up in Oct 2014. So my advice is start watching this at the start of Oct and by the time the new season starts, it will be a better experience. If i known this would happen, i probably wouldn’t watch it since last Oct. I would have started this Oct instead.

Truth be told, i am looping Love hime theme song as i type this…….. hard to concentrate! anyway, tl;dr Watch this! this is a great anime!

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