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Really loving this cheerful Assassination classroom


It will be hard to not call this show a slice of life (with a twist of everything else not related), so the whole idea is a monster aka our lovable GTO (Great Teacher Octopus) aka Koro sensei destroyed 70% of the moon and will destroy earth next year. However, he made a promise to be a teacher for a year before destroying earth and also, made a deal in that if any of his students managed to kill in before they graduate (they are in their final year), he will not destroy earth.

Magically, there’s a special material that cuts up Koro sensei but to humans, the material feels like rubber. Of course if you think only at this point, the anime do not make any more sense than a cow trying to type on a keyboard, you will definitely enjoy this anime. There are many funny moments in this anime, and so far 3 episodes in and i am really loving it. But was tweeting the other day about how i was enjoying it,

but a bad news came in from Tallon , follow @TKarrde23

My heart sank a bit because this show is so good. Then i decided to dig around to find out why. Came across this tweet here, follow @ansatsu_anime

This one of the those times where i know its time to dig up my old japanese books and start relearning it just so i can read japanese twitter again.. >..> So i continued to look around and it wasn’t too difficult to get english news regarding it so,

The update on 23rd Jan 2015 at crunchyroll says

While no explanation given, many fans are assuming it is because of the current hostage situation by the Islamic State group. Three days ago, the militant group posted a video online to give the Japanese government a 72-hour deadline to pay a $200 million ransom for two Japanese hostages. In the video, a masked member of the group was holding a knife and intimidating the hostages and viewers with it.

Which is even more concerning but another update on the 24th Jan 2015 by Yomiuri Simbun says

Fuji TV’s Public Relation Section confirms the reason of the cancellation is a scene that a character is swinging a knife to kill a monster in the episode.


Lastly, anime news network kinda hit the last nail in the coffin,

The official Twitter account for the Assassination Classroom TV animeannounced on Friday that the Fuji TV broadcast of the third episode has been delayed due to “various circumstances.” The announcement also notes that future updates about the broadcast of the anime will be posted on the anime’s official website.


Actually after digging around, i have 2 conclusion,

  1. Sounds like this anime future is very uncertain, possibly going to be taken out and will only be in blu-ray/dvd, maybe.
  2. I have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore.

So, i guess i shall wait and see? 😦

Assassination classroom and Death parade – first impression


Assassination classroom

This anime is really funny shit slice of life and god knows what else is in it! Having watched the first episode, i was like “I WILL FUCKING CONTINUE TO WATCH THIS”. Also nothing in this anime makes any sense. I guess this type of anime is “my type” of shows, after all if i wanted “logic”, i would just read a textbook or bible (depending on what you believe). The OP and ED is great too and really fitting too!. Is funny how sometimes only watching the first episode of an anime, it’ll be enough to go all “Hnnnnnggg!” or “FUCK YES!!”.. Will continue to post after watching more to see if i am right about this.


Death Parade

Don’t let the super sentai and cheerful looking screenshot deceive you, this anime is fucking dark. Think of bleach + a bar (or the bartender anime, otherwise a place that serves alcohol) + yugioh, all messed up into one anime. So the idea is that, couples that die at the same time (this is spoilers, although they explained the idea of the show in the first episode) gets to come to this place, a judgement zone basically. This will decide who goes to heaven or hell and you have to play a game as well. Not sure if i would want to see the dark side of humanity every episode, but heck, i think i might just continue to watch because i saw a cute girl at the end… XD


Building my list of 2015 anime

I never really have a proper way to track the anime I’ve watched over the year and because of that, i could not really do a “Top picks of the year” list because i mostly forgot what i have watched. So this year (or at least i hope to), i will maintain a page dedicated to the anime of 2015 that i have watched.

Rules are

  • Anime that started in 2015
  • Log horizion season 2 will be out of the official 2015 list since it started in 2014 (But hall of fame, fuck yes)
  • Anime that did not end in 2015 will not make it into the list (There has to be a cut off point somewhere!)

Let the games begin!!!!

Tokyo Ghoul Root A – First impression


Tokyo Ghoul root A is the sequel to Tokyo Ghoul which, to be honest left with a fucking cliff hanger. So if you have yet to watched the first season, go watch it first. Stop reading from this point until you have done that, if not, you are warned. YOU ARE FUCKING WARNED.

So assuming you are prepared for spoilers, let’s proceed.

The first two episode of this season was supposed to be the fucking ending of previous season. So i should not spoil anything here but you have to watch the first two episode of season 2 to truly understand how season 2 is going to be.


As you can see, the stupid kid kaneki has of course powered up into a monster. The story kinda dives in when you start to watching the 3rd episode and of course you get stupid people like seido of CCG telling a civilian, every.. single.. thing. You could see where this is going to right? Kaneki’s friend (civilian mentioned earlier) will probably be doing some shit like joining CCG or what not. Then of course they show us the CCG lab where they make weapons out of ghoul and guess what, this person whom you’ve seen (she looks like a ghoul herself) gets her own weapon, made out from….. DUH DUH DUMMMMMMM….


And then of course the competent CCG investigated further into the origin of our stupid hero godly hero Kaneki and found a string of events that do not add up. Which of course leaves fans wondering what have they realised. and then.. For the next episode! “Deeper layers”.

I must say after watching the first two episodes of Tokyo Ghoul Root A, i feel like i do not need to catch this anime on a weekly basis. The 3rd episode confirms my suspicion but don’t get me wrong, this type of anime is best left to be watched in one sitting. For one, it is kinda predictable and also waiting every week for a show like this can get painful because they fucking love to leave you hanging on a cliff.  Having said that, I might just watched the fourth this week and changed my mind but i highly doubt so.

Also as per advised, i will attempt to watch Death parade and yoru no yatterman.. But i also decided to try assassination classroom. Will post impressions after i’ve done that!.

The Rolling girls – First impression


The Rolling girls looked really interesting when i saw the trailer the other day and I am impressed by it. So far 2 episodes in and I’m loving the colourful fights and over-the-top scenes. It does have a bit of FLCL feel to it (which is one of my top anime of all times) and this isn’t really a bad thing. So many anime these days are just a slightly tweaked version of the previous anime so it is refreshing to see a change. The character designs are my type as well, not just plain cute shit and pretty likeable characters, overall i really like this anime. Pretty glad there’s some hope in this season!

I made two gif as well XD, so if you want to use it, feel free to download them.

Imgur link if is easier for you



The Rolling girls and animes I am watching

One really good thing about anime bloggers is that they consolidate the list of anime that would be showing every season. I randomly go to any of the anime blogs that i follow, they will bound to have the list and they also come with trailers. The only anime that caught my eyes is “The Rolling girls” and after watching the trailer, i will watch it and post some impressions of it later. But for now, i am very interested and excited for it really, it has been a while since i am interested in anime..

So the current anime that I am watching is Log Horizon 2 and Yowamushi Pedal 2, both of which are sequels to their awesome 1st instalment. Sword Art online 2 (ended a few weeks back), wasn’t as great as its first but still i managed to get through it without giving up, i wished they should have broke SAO up into 13 episodes per season though.. Log Horizon 2 is really shaping up to reveal more clues regarding how they got trapped in the game world but I hope they don’t dominate the show with those stupid kids trying to level up and do the carry bag quest longer than 1/2 an episode..

As for yowamushi pedal, the interhigh finals is drawing near and it looks like a death match between experienced and well-seasoned 3rd years vs our otaku hero and his team of hotshots. Kinda predictable i guess, but i have invested so much time in it that i should see it to the end. But i feel that they are dragging it out sometimes, kinda like how dragonball z drags on forever to power up. There are scenes in yowamushi pedal that do not need to be in the show yet they still show it. This annoys me a little.

Hopefully The Rolling girls would be something nice to mix up a bit, I’ve got yowamushi on the tuesday and Log on the Sundays..

OH OH OH, just as i was about to hit publish, i kinda went looking around the comments and Tokyo Ghoul has a sequel ongoing at the moment! and fuck this trailer, they are not showing anything at all.. 😦 . Will post impressions of it after i watch a few episodes too.. heh this is exciting , more animes that are interesting!

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