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The best sub villain , Captain Nira



This guy there, Captain Nira, I salute you. He has in my books, become the top sub villain in Kamen Rider. He is pure asshole material. He goes his way out to make life difficult for the kamen rider and special task force… And to top it off, he doesnt even need to get brain washed! He is “evil” because he wants to stay in power which is your typical licking the boots of powerful forces and he is the kind that will switch sides on a snap if a better deal comes up.

link to his wiki page (the wiki is in it) : http://kamenrider.wikia.com/wiki/Kisuke_Iida

Seriously, This dude can ACT WELL. It brings smile to my face when the production of Kamen Rider has been improving the past few years (since Decade i reckon). Even the new actor (our beloved Shinosuke aka Drive) can act relatively well. I really hate this guy but at the end of day i know he is just human and although selfish, he is looking out for himself.

Our big villain, 001, has in fact achieved ultimate evolution and he turns, golden. Fuck. This is fucking lazy evolution. 001 don’t even look at different !! A paint job =/= evolution! it is just spec up!


If you have been watching the past few episodes (30 – 34), there is kind of a twist to it. So warning, SPOILERS AHEAD.

I seriously thought he ACTUALLY turned good. But i was wrong. Will reveal the plot in a few more episodes time, don’t want to spoil too much 😛


So Shinosuke died (I was actually happy for a moment, thinking that Chase might step up to be the main KR instead) but alas, he revived. Like a super saiyan that comes back from death, he will be powered up.


At this point, I can see why Drive make sense as a kamen rider. You just can’t do epic revival scenes like this with a bike.

And also, you can do more mojo to a car and make drive potentially one of the “strongest” rider in terms of firepower.

vlcsnap-2015-06-18-15h43m44s61 vlcsnap-2015-06-18-15h44m09s57 vlcsnap-2015-06-18-15h44m22s197

When i saw the preview, i thought type tridoron was Kiroko transforming into kamen rider drive >..<.

Type tridoron is a beautiful design (i’m assuming this will be Drive final form), however, no design so far can beat KR Gaim Shogun form but this is the step in the right direction, where you design cool looking final forms instead of stupid looking ones. If you remembered Decade final form, it is ugly as hell. Fourze although not as bad, it could be improved.

With the show being in episode 34 and we are in mid June, I would say the show will end the year with a bang. So far, there doesn’t seem *touches wood, throws salt over shoulders* to be any major hiccups. It looks like Brain & Heart will be our final villain in the end… It will be nice to see a fully deck out Heart fighting Drive.


By the way, I hate how using the finisher cannon will revert Drive back to which ever Type car he last slot in (speed, wild, technic or formula). So for example, when he finishes off 001, he inserted Type Speed + Type Tridoron into cannon which he ended up reverting back to type Speed when the cannon finishes the blast.

But this is just a minor issue. Not sure if type tridoron needs recharging or not after Drive uses the finisher move. But I’m sure they will talk about it soon, or maybe not.

Now please, spec up KR Chase! He needs a power similar to Dead heat. Although Type Dead Heat is looking underpowered at the moment.

With that, i shall leave you whilst i wait for the next episode of Drive.



6th sentai coming next


This is interesting , we will be getting the 6th member in the next episode. There does not appear to have any signs of the enemy powering up so far, i wonder how much more dynamic changes the 6th member will introduce? As it stands right now, the current 5 members have a rather bad team work and they are pretty noobie despite being a shinobi.

I’m glad the 6th sentai will have a bull! I always approve sentai with bull design.

Cowboy perhaps? He does speak english. and he is playing an electric guitar.

The rider that we all been waiting for


I’m sure a lot of fans watching KR drive have been waiting for KR Chaser to appear in his “true” form. I must really give the script writer and possibly the director thumbs up for KR drive so far. Ever since the brilliant story of KG Gaim, i’ve been very worried about future KR shows but so far, my worry has been dismissed.

First off, KR drive so far has given us great villains, Heart is one character that I like. Like what his name sounds like, his the affectionate one in the villain business. If you watch his character development closely, you will love heart too. For one, this is the most touching scene for now in KR drive,


* at this point i also realised i haven’t been posting about KR DRIVE at all but i’ve been tweeting them*

Heart offers chaser his little car as a parting gift because Heart knows Chaser is conflicted and Heart does not want Chaser to be forced back to his side again. So with that, Heart returned a part of chaser back with a heavy heart (no pun intended) and told chaser to not come back anymore.

Which of course inflicted more pain onto chaser more than ever, because chaser remembers once fighting against and alongside heart. So he wasn’t sure on what to do anymore. Heart on the other hand felt the pain of losing his friend. In my head, i was like “WHERE’S THE SCENE WHERE HEART FARES FAREWELL TO HIS FRIEND”. True enough, the show delivered and at the end of the episode, heart was like “Farewell my friend”. I feel ya Heart-sama, i feel ya T___T.

I cannot stressed enough that Heart has to be the best villain ever! *fanboy mode over*

Like all hero to be, you have to save someone in the rain.


And sorry to be nitpicking and I know is probably fucking cold when they filmed it but… THATS NOT REAL RAIN. Yes it was rain in the video but, post-processed and not actual water.

Anyway, Chaser dashes in to save kiriko in time. of course, if you are logical, kiriko was the one who placed herself in such danger and somehow Chaser knew where everyone is!. The usual drill goes, Chaser and kiriko have this heartfelt one-to-one talk about life and potentially kiriko wants to have sex with chaser. But chaser told her to shut the fuck up because he needs to give 007 an ass kicking and also to test out his new power and via telepathy, he told kiriko to make him a god damn sandwich.


Fuck yes Kamen Rider Chaser. And guess who is the most butt-hurt in this development? and yes finally, we get to see real rain.

Our lovely Mach! He has been bitching for a while now. First about how pathetically weak he is. Which after some intense hookers hiring and with all of the hookers saying “ohh Mach, you have such big dick”. Mach finally stops bitching and he smiled

But of course, that was short lived and now he found his new hobby. Disproving Chaser and making sure he kills Chaser in this process. This is an irony for this hero’s development. Instead of being well-liked, Mach is positioning himself to be a complete asshole. And no one likes assholes like Mach. However, Mach is certainly a force to reckon with, I mean, he has complete control over Dead Heat, which is supposedly a power developed for Drive.

I know Mach wouldn’t turn rouge and I think at the end of it, Mach will approve of chaser but we have to wait for next week to find that out. Man i cannot wait for the next development..

I could be wrong about Ninninja


I mentioned earlier i am not a big fan of ninja theme sentai (still am not), but i think i could be wrong about ninninja (for now). First off, this show is really more comedy than the previous few generations (very bleak and dark to a certain extend). So being more comedy orientated, I can be more forgiving on some details like the goofy megazord. Screenshots below shows the comedy element of this sentai.

vlcsnap-2015-03-05-11h07m03s173 vlcsnap-2015-03-05-11h11m30s35


And did i mentioned how my heart melted when pink ranger did this?


Back to megazords, either they heard my complaint or they actually had a good idea, this week show case a different combination of megazord. THIS VERSION LOOKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BADASS GODZILLA ON CRACK




So now we know that ninninja megazord has at least 5 different combinations (plus the power ups that is coming later in the series), it will be safe to say that we will be getting the “story of the day”. For this week (episode 2), is about how Blue becomes bros with Red (like all blue should !). I know i could be nit picking too much sometimes but, the voice of Red is really reallly realllllly dissing me off. Not a big fan of his voice nor his face to be honest and so is blue and yellow, I only liked the ladies in this series whereas previous generations Red were awesome. I’m sorry about putting the guys down but they just do not have the sentai face.

手裏剣戦隊ニンニンジャー Shuriken Sentai Ninninjā : first thoughts


Well i started to watch Ninninja (although i should really write up the end of ressha sentai). I have more or less expressed my thoughts on twitter, and i thought i should just compile them here. And maybe give it more thoughts about it at the end.

Yelp, when i saw how he changed, it felt like kamen rider type of device rather than sentai. But thats just me anyways. Anyway moving on.

Yes she is kinda hot, and this creepy stalker video of her (she talks about ninninja and some dumb fuck recorded the video on portrait ! )

Of course you want to stalk her more, go to tumblr : https://www.tumblr.com/search/kasumi%20yamaya

This is what i mean that she is hot, Cute right? I think she will be the sole reason i want to watch this sentai. Yes i am becoming prevy old man 😦


and that pic destroyed my morality in viewing her. Moving on.

Which i make a mistaken, not fuku but fuka. and she is kinda hot too. and another mistake, pink is fuka (left chick) and white is right chick.



Wait i think i have confused myself in the midst of tweeting while watching it. Lets confirm who is pink and who is white.


Ok, so Pink is hot chick who is born in 1996 and white is born in 1998. Right, now i am no longer confused. And white is Red’s younger sister. ok I hope this sentai will not turn me off watching sentai. Personally I was never a fan of ninja theme sentai simply because it feels too corny (even for tokus!) but this might change my outlook in ninjas. And i was just asking another toku fan on twitter on his view,

Seriously i am keeping my fingers crossed and the fucking megazord design puts me off a lot. i mean LOOK AT IT! WTF


The next sentai, Shuriken Sentai Ninninja

Shuriken Sentai Ninninja

So the next sentai, 手裏剣戦隊ニンニンジャー Shuriken Sentai Ninninja, will be after toqger, not sure if i really dig this sentai. I am not the biggest ninga theme sentai fan and the characters don’t look appealing at all…. Who knows what this will turn out, i will try a few episode once it starts before i have any verdict.


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