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The rider that we all been waiting for


I’m sure a lot of fans watching KR drive have been waiting for KR Chaser to appear in his “true” form. I must really give the script writer and possibly the director thumbs up for KR drive so far. Ever since the brilliant story of KG Gaim, i’ve been very worried about future KR shows but so far, my worry has been dismissed.

First off, KR drive so far has given us great villains, Heart is one character that I like. Like what his name sounds like, his the affectionate one in the villain business. If you watch his character development closely, you will love heart too. For one, this is the most touching scene for now in KR drive,


* at this point i also realised i haven’t been posting about KR DRIVE at all but i’ve been tweeting them*

Heart offers chaser his little car as a parting gift because Heart knows Chaser is conflicted and Heart does not want Chaser to be forced back to his side again. So with that, Heart returned a part of chaser back with a heavy heart (no pun intended) and told chaser to not come back anymore.

Which of course inflicted more pain onto chaser more than ever, because chaser remembers once fighting against and alongside heart. So he wasn’t sure on what to do anymore. Heart on the other hand felt the pain of losing his friend. In my head, i was like “WHERE’S THE SCENE WHERE HEART FARES FAREWELL TO HIS FRIEND”. True enough, the show delivered and at the end of the episode, heart was like “Farewell my friend”. I feel ya Heart-sama, i feel ya T___T.

I cannot stressed enough that Heart has to be the best villain ever! *fanboy mode over*

Like all hero to be, you have to save someone in the rain.


And sorry to be nitpicking and I know is probably fucking cold when they filmed it but… THATS NOT REAL RAIN. Yes it was rain in the video but, post-processed and not actual water.

Anyway, Chaser dashes in to save kiriko in time. of course, if you are logical, kiriko was the one who placed herself in such danger and somehow Chaser knew where everyone is!. The usual drill goes, Chaser and kiriko have this heartfelt one-to-one talk about life and potentially kiriko wants to have sex with chaser. But chaser told her to shut the fuck up because he needs to give 007 an ass kicking and also to test out his new power and via telepathy, he told kiriko to make him a god damn sandwich.


Fuck yes Kamen Rider Chaser. And guess who is the most butt-hurt in this development? and yes finally, we get to see real rain.

Our lovely Mach! He has been bitching for a while now. First about how pathetically weak he is. Which after some intense hookers hiring and with all of the hookers saying “ohh Mach, you have such big dick”. Mach finally stops bitching and he smiled

But of course, that was short lived and now he found his new hobby. Disproving Chaser and making sure he kills Chaser in this process. This is an irony for this hero’s development. Instead of being well-liked, Mach is positioning himself to be a complete asshole. And no one likes assholes like Mach. However, Mach is certainly a force to reckon with, I mean, he has complete control over Dead Heat, which is supposedly a power developed for Drive.

I know Mach wouldn’t turn rouge and I think at the end of it, Mach will approve of chaser but we have to wait for next week to find that out. Man i cannot wait for the next development..

Assassination classroom – the end is near


We have approached the 10th episode of Assassination Classroom, and now it seems to be fitting to have some reflection on a show that i have been following for almost 3 months.

Here’s something disappointing to begin with,

  • Almost all anime this season began with a high note and could not maintain the pace throughout.
  • About halfway point, most shows became stale or boring, relative to the first two epsiodes
  • A lot of tv trope and cliche

First off, earlier i expressed a lot of interest and praises for this anime. But, I think i have to change my view point. In the start, the idea was fresh and interesting but as the anime goes on, you kinda see how it might end and you hope that this will not be happening but as the show creeps nearer and nearer to the end. It feels like it will end in a very bad way. Overall, the idea is fresh. Which is probably the best thing i can say about this anime.

Honestly, i thought i would have a lot to say about this anime but as i typed, i am struggling to word my feelings. This meant that although this show is ok and could improve, my mind is probably giving up trying to give suggestions to improve it. I think this is a classic case of “I don’t give a fuck anymore”


Here’s my prediction

  • Koro sensei will not die to assassination.
  • The students will fail to kill him and they will probably die.
  • Koro sensei kills himself or goes outer space.

I could be wrong about Ninninja


I mentioned earlier i am not a big fan of ninja theme sentai (still am not), but i think i could be wrong about ninninja (for now). First off, this show is really more comedy than the previous few generations (very bleak and dark to a certain extend). So being more comedy orientated, I can be more forgiving on some details like the goofy megazord. Screenshots below shows the comedy element of this sentai.

vlcsnap-2015-03-05-11h07m03s173 vlcsnap-2015-03-05-11h11m30s35


And did i mentioned how my heart melted when pink ranger did this?


Back to megazords, either they heard my complaint or they actually had a good idea, this week show case a different combination of megazord. THIS VERSION LOOKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BADASS GODZILLA ON CRACK




So now we know that ninninja megazord has at least 5 different combinations (plus the power ups that is coming later in the series), it will be safe to say that we will be getting the “story of the day”. For this week (episode 2), is about how Blue becomes bros with Red (like all blue should !). I know i could be nit picking too much sometimes but, the voice of Red is really reallly realllllly dissing me off. Not a big fan of his voice nor his face to be honest and so is blue and yellow, I only liked the ladies in this series whereas previous generations Red were awesome. I’m sorry about putting the guys down but they just do not have the sentai face.

Toriko vs Luffy vs Goku

Well well, watch it quick before Youtube takes it down! .

Anyway, its nice to watch this after all this while, i really missed Toriko anime. Also, when i was rewatching this, i realised something, at least for this special collaboration episode, the world of One piece, Dragonball Z and Toriko is in the same planet!. Which is kinda weird if you ask me, given how dystopia Dragonball is and the differences in technology and lore is in each anime. But who’s is to question anime logic?


Yowamushi pedal : ride to the top! (literally)

Love hime princess!

Ahh yes, the actual concept in yowamushi pedal that made me a big fan of this series. Love hime! Embarrassing as it may be if you were at some point associating yourself as an (weebo) anime otaku of some sort singing along to the tunes of “Hime hime, hime, suki suiki daisuki, hime…” Will make you go fuwa fuwa (fuck you if you don’t know what fuwa fuwa means, for the unaware, is basically describing a soft fluffy feeling and fuck you nonetheless).

Manly man singing hime hime in ofuro certainly adds a lot of comedy gold into it (if you can comprehend the situation). But hime aside, we are now almost at the end of the National finals and about 3,700 m (12,000+ ft) to the end point which is on a at least 20% incline climb. One thing i really dislike about sports anime is how they can drag a real-life time frame of say 5 seconds into basically a 20 minute long anime. Yes every single sports anime is guilty of this but somehow it doesn’t feel too overused in yowamushi, in fact it felt like it needs that over the top time dilation factor to tell the story.


If you have been watching anime long enough, still image like the one above tells you something right? It implies that the guy on the left (pink/purple top) is gonna fucking lose while the guy on the right (yellow pants) is gonna crush his opponent. But somehow, i wouldn’t say it is only restricted to yowamushi (there’s only an bias in observation since this is the only sports anime that i am watching at the moment), this triumph still has been overly used. In fact, this still does not mean any shit at all. It meant for that second, a minor victory is achieved and the story needs more pumping and adrenaline because it lacks adrenaline somehow in this cycling race. Before you go to a conclusion that i hate this show, stop right there, if you haven’t watch it before, fuck you for doing that. I highly, HIGHLY, i can’t stress enough, HIGHLY recommend you to start watching it. Crunchyroll has them from the first season , go freaking watch it. And also watch all the after-show short clips. A lot of easter egg goodies. The video i posted above, is one of them and so is the one coming up.

Even if sports anime isn’t your cup of tea, I can bet if you actually gave this a chance, you will fall in love with it. If not for the sports itself, it will be for love hime. Excuse me while i wait for the last 4 episodes in my cycling jersey.

Log horizon : some thoughts before it ends


I don’t really care what people say about Log Horizon (things like oh .hack was much better or a poor man SAO), i think Log Horizon is pretty good by itself. Having said that, the past few episodes have been kind of a bummer. Actually ever since the epic quest that Shiroe had to get all the gold in the world ended, the show has been kind of lame. I don’t really give a shit about the kids goddamnit! So what shiroe gave them a fucking quest to kill monsters and make magical bags, the progress of the story and how they feel about being trapped in a game isn’t really what i want.

First off, Crusty is still missing and no follow up on why he is missing. Second, we get this flashback about Tea party and how the party leader is big boobs and awesome in fighting BUT what does it mean? Personally i am really interested in this dude here,



I mean you don’t just introduce a character with TMNT (and i would argue Kamen Rider) reference and leave us hanging in the air and go WHO IS HE AND WHY IS HE ROLE PLAYING A FROG NINJA, I WANT TO KNOW MORE.

Of course they bring in more characters and more technology (even more technologically advance inventions like the awesome train that travels on magic) without any explaining ! And you know what it is episode 21 already, with only 4 more left to go. How the fuck do they even try to tie up any loop holes and plot holes? Which by the way has tons and tons of it in this season. This really pisses me off a lot when story tellers do this shit.

I mean look at season 1, the pacing was really good (minus the mandatory fucking christmas/holidays special which everyone have to do for some retarded reasons) and it sets up itself for the viewers to be captivated into the lore. But season 2, although it did expanded a little on the lore, it did not explain much but rather it leaves too many holes waiting for be filled. And from the looks of it, it will never be completely by the end of this season.

From the looks of it, it seems that the round table might go into internal war themselves which means, more fucking drama. Instead of focusing on actual war against whoever that is coming. I really hope there wouldn’t be any internal war and just war with other nations. Of course the war will be the cliff hanger that ends season 2 (i predict) and then they will tell us to stay fucking tune for the 3rd season. This is really frustrating!! AHH

Potentially, log horizon could spin off many short series (say 6 episodes max) to explain the origins of key characters. I think that will really add into the whole lore of this series. But that is just a wishful thinking of a fan. I highly doubt that will ever happen.

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