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Rewatch marathon of choice – Diebuster



So i rewatched DieBuster for the X-th time (yet again)., i must say for a 2005 anime, this is kinda holding up to one of the classics in my books. Let’s face it, I am a Gainax fanboy but I only fanboy for Gunbuster, Diebuster, FLCL, Eva & TTGL. I know, super robots? Hey, i don’t judge you for loving all those kawaii moe moe shit that’s chipping away sanity from anime these days.  ( i confess i use to be one of those that love kawaii moe moe shit, but i’ve changed and gone back to my roots, toku and super robots)

Anyhow, I think i will try to publish more rewatch marathon of choice anime and freaking compile a top X list of animes that i like. Been meaning to do that for a long long time!!!

PS : If you have not watched Diebuster before, I highly recommend watching GunBuster first. MARATHON GUNBUSTER AND DIEBUSTER ! seriously, watch gunbuster on saturday then diebuster on sunday , you will thank me for it.

PPS : suppose to go for a tutorial earlier but last night alcohol kind of made me really sleepy.

PPPS : I have recorded a new series of podcast with my IRL brother! which will be uploaded soon and probably will link up the site here soon. soooooon.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger movie

[youtube http://youtu.be/JzPpHDRcdcI]

Watch it while it’s hot!  Seriously I am loving Youtube recommendation engine.

moe moe mahou sentai ED

[youtube http://youtu.be/pQmFLCNE8Aw] [youtube http://youtu.be/VutXpl-OH2Y]

Somehow , i think going all moe moe~  for mahou sentai ED really fits the image of magic really well. Or at least in my twisted “otaku” mind, magic should be moe moe~~ M

ahou ~ sen–n–ta-~i Majiran–gar~~~ ♥♥♥♥

my first #Terribad with #sccsav , OH GOD WHY

(*WARNING before you read this post any further* DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS AT HOME!)

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Is 0625am. I just barely woke up. I even went to sleep early last night to get myself ready for terribad together with the peeps. Do a search “Abunai sisters” . But i have a suggestion , go ahead and just watch episode 1 over at crunchyroll(head down to the bottom of this post, i’ve embedded aubnia sisters in, found it on youtube). Seriously that’s all you ever need in your lifetime for this show, EVER. God why did i even wake up for abunai sisters? WHY WHY WHY? How the hell did Production IG went from abunai sisters to Ghost in the shell(/source : production IG site.)? Also, Abunai sisters isn’t a very old anime, it was….. 2009 ! THE HELL IS THIS ?I don’t even know how the animators do this anime, how the seiyu do their voicing and how.. how did the script writer even write this shit? I’m in a shock state. I am.

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Before i can even recover from my shock state, Next up we watched Mars of Destruction , Personally it ain’t thaaaaaaaat bad.  ok i fucking lied. It is bad. Normally I’m alright for bad animation as long as there’s at least a story going on. But this, there wasn’t any! no story at all, dirt shit animation and worst of all, the voice actoring…. Gosh. Everything about this anime is just wrong, wrong wrong wrong! Let see, what was Mars of Destruction all about ?

  • Martians? Check.
  • Space travel? Check.
  • Humans? Check.
  • Powered Suits? Check.
  • Women? Check.
  • Guns? Check.
  • Violence? Check,
  • Monsters? Check.
  • Anicent Monsters? Check.
  • Monsters claiming that humans were the invaders? Check.

Also Mars of destruction was a 2005 anime, HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPENED ? But regardless of how shitty the anime is and how early i have to wake up for those shit, it was fun to take part in sscsav (sscsav means “The Standing Committee for the Coordination of Simultaneous Anime Viewing“) It is almost 9am now. Dear gosh my eyes are still bleeding from the epic animes that i’ve watched. Yes i think I’m officially awake, wide awake.


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