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Yamato 2199 , awesome revival(-ing) at last

As a Space battleship yamato fan, I approve of this for the new fans and probably some old fans.

Also, despite having a short appearance, all of the man in this ship deserves the award of manly man,

Let me find him singing the tunes of space navy songs whilst fighting the aliens outgunned.

Seriously I planned to write this up much earlier but i kept forgetting to do so. I ended up watching this anime back to back about twice. There really is nothing much I can talk. we all know yamato story, this is basically the shorten , less corny and more pretty version of it which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this is an awesome anime. GO WATCH IT.

Personally if they could do more similar revives of older anime, that will be awesome. I will be really happy if they re-did UFO grendizer with Yamato 2199 production level. T__T I WISH.

ps : this post was back dated tooo damn long.


巨神战击队 – sentai made in china

[youtube http://youtu.be/Dfi7wFDTGgk]

Looks like youtube recommendation engine is working its magic for me yet again. Stumbled on this when i was trying to look  for Akibaranger Season 2 epd 2 ED..

巨神战击队, the title of this sentai roughly translated to Giant-gods squad. From what i can gather from the 1st episode , the plot feels like it has borrowed ideas from Gransazer because the robots came from the “Gods tribe” (or so the enemy hints) and also as you watch the transformation and OP you can definitely see the borrowing of ideas from various sentai shows.

I would say this is worth a watch if you can understand chinese. However, it does feel like the script writer and director are trying too hard and too much to be like Japanese sentai. I would think the company that made it are fans of sentai and wanted to do something else which is awesome. Before you go ape-shit on how shitty this is, remember sentai had the same shitty starting and it is still shitty. So just appreciate it 😀 , now i am motivated to find the Thailand version of Kamen Rider on youtube.

Anyway, below is episode 2 of 巨神战击队

[youtube http://youtu.be/H22BMCqH92U]

THe disappointment of Prince of tennis II

Right this is yet another over due post 😛 , so i thought Prince of Tennis II is gonna be a long ass anime but what the fuck, 13 episodes? THEY BARELY TOUCHED THE SURFACE OF THIS SHIT. I even blogged about the first episode of this anime last year !! (Here). Well, at least i did complete this anime and it was a complete waste of time. The dream team and playing against god like players is just a fucking scam that gets your hope up high and then crushing it down to nothing when you realise this is just 13 episodes long. Bahhhhhhh 

source : http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=13360

Gavan The movie

So i thought instead of displaying multiple images , i do a gif. Fuck yes Gavan legendary x Gavan rookie !


  • Awesome attempt to revive space sheriff
  • giving it a new timeline while retaining the space sheriff
  • shiny armors


  • Nothing to help suck in new fans besides BL/yaoi fangirls , there were a few moments of those, i cringed when that happened 
  • Plot of movie was weak
  • the stupid dragon spaceship CGI is still as fuck as the original series, sorry, The original series CGI was better.

Would i recommend this ?

Yes if you already know who Gavan is or is just a toku-fan in general

No if you don’t know what toku is or who the fuck Gavan is , if you don’t know Gavan, i should refer you to my previous post here , so you can watch the first episode of Gavan that i found on youtube.

In all seriousness, this movie really is just geared towards fans. Yes it doesnt do the series much justice at least you know there is someone out there with enough production influence to make it happen. Could this been a better movie if they spend more time to do a better story? OF COURSE. They really should do that, i mean, if you want to make a movie, fucking spend more effort into doing up a better story instead of a one\two-shot like this. I hope this doesn’t end up like the Kamen Rider Next. I hope to see more Space Sheriff series, which brings me to next movie that is gonna be fucking epic, Sentai X Rider X Space Sheriff…. CAN”T WAIT FOR IT.

[youtube http://youtu.be/JfpfM2zHCds]

GO! Aquarion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i gave up watching it.

Well actually this post is kinda over due since last year.. I really liked the first few episodes of Aquarion EVOL but i got so bored of it that i actually dropped watching it altogether. I don’t normally talk about animes that I’ve dropped but this post has been sitting in my draft box for a year now, so i thought, meh since I’m procrastinating about my uni work, i thought i do something productive. At least i don’t feel that guilty afterwards. If you liked the first season, need i remind you about the orgasm gattai ? They fucking retain it!!! THAT MAKES THIS ANIME SUPER AMAZING by itself.

Not sure if i would want to finish up this anime this year.. Maybe i would. some what.

2012 Animes that I’ve watched. (1st quarter review) | kinda late but who cares?

I think having a 1/4-ly review for the animes I’ve watched this year is a good way of keeping track of the anime that i’ve watched. Instead of doing a giant list at the end of year(not that i did any before). *which is also long overdue!*

  • Sadamitsu the destroyer (love it)
  • X’amd (love it)
  • Toriko (loving it)
  • Chihayafuru (loved it for a while)
  • New Prince of Tennis (yawns)
  • Kamisama no memocho (love it)
  • Ocean Wave (love it)
  • Whisper of the heart (gotta be my #1 ! love it)
  • Gundam W (rewatched for nostalgia sake)
  • Aquarion EVOL (yawn towards the end)
  • Thermea Romae (awesome!)

Well those are the anime that I’ve watched. Some are re-watch, some are new, some are still on-going. Seriously, EVOL is a pain in the ass to watch, I lost interest at some point because it became frustrating to watch, i rather enjoyed the original Aquarion but EVOL is really distasteful. Does anyone else think the same regarding EVOL ?

Toriko is still on-going and i really enjoyed it. Also i doubt toriko will go on forever unlike bleach, naruto and one piece. But nontheless, the next 2-4 years I will have toriko to accompany me.


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