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Jyuden epd 36


So this is really surprising!! personally, i think they are trying to increase the difficulty of this sentai series. First off, 10 sentai. 10. That means the enemy is 10x stronger which also makes the sentai 10x stronger. Which!! meant that this is probably the strongest sentai in the entire franchise. 0__0 !!!!! This is kinda glorious if you ask me.

Anyway, they have multiple power-ups episode in this series as well. Which again, points that the bad guys are so strong, multiple power-ups are required.  At first it appears that Red is the main focus of the series (search tumblr) but they appear to be removing that. This is really refreshing actually. in fact, there’s so many mini-arcs in this series, this is probably one of the most interesting sentai that i’ve watched.

To add on the fact that they are dinosaur themed. this automatically makes them super awesome already. Anyway, if you have yet to watch Jyuden. I suggest you to do so. this is really good shit there.

Also, if i may suggest, (Toei, listen!), Have all the dinosaurs sentai doing a cross-over!!!! TOEI I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. In fact, i have an idea !! contact me Toei!

Gouraigan – some rant


So i said it the other day that Gouraigan has plot holes and bad acting. I mean, the dude who is writing the script for it is 井上敏樹 , HE DID SOME CHOUJIN JETMAN. How the fuck can the script become so bad in gouraigan? and then of course , you get 雨宮 慶太 who created Garo. You would think with the experience in making Garo, getting actors who can act would be high up on the priority list? No offense to the actors but i think either the

  1. Director is so bad, it makes everyone looked bad
  2. Script is so bad, Director can’t do much, everyone looks bad
  3. Actors are so bad, even the script and director couldn’t save it
  4. Actors are actually good but the script pulled it down and directors are equally bad too.

So could be one of the four reasons or all of the above if it makes any sense at all.

Normally i don’t nitpick about the production crew at all. In fact most of my anime and sentai obsession never included the production crew because I don’t care about them. But Gouraigan made me look further into the series. But the irony is that, the production crew are not new to the scene. Don’t they realise by now they need better acting? I know Toku shows is not known for acting. But at least, get someone decent? I really don’t know if is the acting, directing or writing that screws shit up in gouraigan.

However, i really do hope it actually improve as the series go by. If not, please continue to pump out porn-like scenes.

Also, just having more excuses to post this gif 😛

ice cream gouraigan

Curent anime watchlist

The anime that i am watching this season has grown a lot from the last! So for this, I have….


Log Horizon


Kill la Kill


Yowamushi Pedal , actually if they called it “Pedal!” it would be awesome too.


Toriko of course!!

I think thats about it…. Oh wait ! Last one.. Tokyo Raven! (which is on the verge of being dropped!)


Thor dark world and a few other marvel thoughts

So i watched Thor Dark world the other day at the cinema. Personally the 3D is not worth at all. So if you have yet to watched it in the cinema and are itching to do so. Do it in non-3D, you wouldn’t lose much. I must say Thor was designed to attract the fangirls. Seriously, the reaction the girls in the cinema had definitely gave Marvel executives orgasms. They know if they have a few scenes (one or two actually) of Thor without T-shirt, they will lock in the fangirls and their mother and their gay brothers, uncles and friends. This my friend is how you make your franchise solid money spinner.

I don’t normally “review” things, so I’ll point you to a real review : http://www.theverge.com/entertainment/2013/11/6/5072990/thor-the-dark-world-review

Now if they were really keen on earning money. They should include a top-less Thor on the drink cup and charge it for $20. IT WILL BE SOLD OUT WITHIN SECONDS. What’s even better, on opening night, sell a small batch of X-hundred of Thor top-less cup with his signature/ lips mark for…. $100(or more). Box office sales will be nothing compared to cups sales. Hey Marvel, if you are reading this, Freaking hire me to do promotions for your franchise. You would be able to buy yourself out of disney this way for sure!!

Just to tangent away for a few seconds, had Emienm new songs playing in youtube while i was writing this post. Not bad i guess but personally nothing impressive. I like his old songs better. Marshall matters is probably the only album that i liked. and i own it too.

Anyway, I was just reading this after i saw the Thor dark world review on the Verge : http://www.theverge.com/2013/11/2/5056876/agents-of-shield-crossover-episode-will-pick-up-where-thor-the-dark

Not a big fan of Agents of Shield. In fact i think it was over-hyped and not enough super powers. Anyway, i think it’ll a good idea to do that cross-over. After all, Marvel is kinda forcing you to watch Thor dark world. But then again, if you are watching Agents of Shield, you probably will watch Thor anyway.

TL;DR we are slaves now.

errrrr am i the only who thinks Natasha having straight hair like that is fucking ugly??? I like her in avengers better! Also, not a big Captain American fan but will probably watch it anyway. but! this is the movie that i am really excited for.

FUCKING ROBOCOP BITCHES! If you are not a fan, go fuck yourself you hear? Robocop is seriously mother fucking awesome. Go watch the classic Robocop on netflix or something. fucking go educate yourself on what is Justice and JUSTICE!!! The upcoming movie fires up the Robocop fan in a good way. Because we can see Robocop back in action again. and more explosives! and more robot killing rampage! and MORE EXPLOSIVES!

That’s is all. procrastinating ends.

Kill la kill – with a bit of FLCL


We are at episode 6 of Kill la kill, which means that I am officially making this into my favourite anime of the year.  Seriously though, I love the Gurren Lagann-type visual and somehow it feels like a bit FLCL dna has sneaked into this show as well. Love FLCL too by the way.

As the series progress on, somehow the uniform makes sense in a weird way. It seems normal have clothes that give you power. After all , most animes have armors or powered suits that gives you power. Why not plain clothes?

The magic of the power-granting clothes comes from Life fibers. how this thing came about is a mystery. Pretty sure they will reveal more of the shit as it goes. I know some people on the twitters are complaining about the lack of animation. Personally, i think most anime lack “animations” anyway.

Can’t wait for more of it!

Shougeki Gouraigan

Shougeki Gouraigan , a new toku for adults., as if that’s the show tagline 😛 but seriously, this toku is meant for older toku fans that are not under 15 years old. If you watched Garo before, you will recognize the art style or at least to me, it feels like it has been done with the same people/company. I’m sure if i dig around the web i can find more information. But fuck it, can’t be fucked at this point 😛 //

O fuck you, actually i did some searching! (have journalistic integrity!!) So yup Mr Keita Amemiya did Garo before.

If you are looking for detailed impressions I would suggest you go here instead : http://theglorioblog.com/2013/10/14/first-impressions-shougeki-gouraigan/

Anyway, as much as Garo was a love and hate affair for me. I thought gouraigan would be better. Turns out, the acting is fucking horrible and they appear to re-voice the actors for some reason. Don’t get me, being a toku fan for at least 16 years (or more), i am used to the fucking horrible acting in toku shows. I do not recommend non mainstream toku shows to non toku fans, hell even toku fans would find alternative toku shows like this one in particular difficult to watch.

i did mention this was an adult toku (despite having worse acting than kids toku show), because there’s boobs. Literally boobs in the first few seconds into the opening of the show and every single fucking time they fight. The buddha looking character? Yup, Boobs.

As much as i like to think this isn’t really a sentai look alike, it is. I am only 3 episodes in, hell, in the first episodes i already knew.  So main character needs to find and get 4 other dudes to join his team and protect earth. Isn’t the fucking sentai or what? Don’t get me wrong, i am going to watch this show even though i do not sound too sold on this. Being a toku veteran, i would want to consume as much as i can regarding toku. Even a show with fuck stupid acting like this. I really hope the acting gets better. Seriously, if i was a director/ an actor and i have shows like this in my portfolio, i would be ashame. Maybe thats the reason for boobs appearing in this show.

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