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some thoughts on Toqger

chuo toqger

This train has been steaming away at full speed since the beginning (ok, not really). But after 40+ weeks of toqger, here are some of my thoughts. When i first started watching Toqger, i wasn’t sure if this would be as enjoyable as jyuden sentai because dinosaurs. I really liked the train idea, I love trains to be honest and to see super sentai take it on makes me happy. But as much as i like trains, the story for toqger is a bit lacking, like most sentai, they suffer a bit of dry spell especially during christmas but at least they ramp it up after new year. This has to be one of the darkest recent sentai (i reckon they will dive into some depression shit topic soon), apart from the fact, the evil boss himself is the king of darkness but i suspect the king of darkness would be the dark side of humanity and of course our sentai heros would be the light.

rainbow slash

I wasn’t too keen on the megazords design, they look like they were designed by 5 year olds but when their ultimate zord use the finisher, the fucking rainbow slash, I took it back. The fucking rainbow slash has to be the most glorious finisher of sentai history. I mean, Look at it!, THE WHOLE FUCKING SCREEN IS FILLED WITH RAINBOWS… RAINBOWS OF DEATH.

Sorry. it has been a while since i sat down to write something non science related, my thoughts do wander around too much whilst crafting this post.

Oh, before i forget, let me show the evil boss upgraded looks, I am officially fanboying for the evil side now.

Mistar Z

Look at that evil face and to show how evil he is, he kills his own minions (ok, they did betray him). This was also the first time i felt sad for the death of villains. I mean, in sentai world, villains dying is normal but my god, i felt like they didn’t have to actually kill them, moreover, killed by evil himself!!

Let’s give a moment of silence for ノア夫人 (Mdm Noir) and シュバルツ将軍 (Schwarz-sama), their death have touched my heart and i shall root for the bad guys for the remaining episodes.  I got a feeling this sentai would have the best ending ever. Don’t let my hope go bust, i really am crossing my fingers on this. 

Mdm noirSchwarz sama


there goes another anime

yowamushi pedal

Yowamushi pedal felt a bit goofy at first, admittedly the only reason why I even watched yowamushi was because of “Love hime”, which is the in-show anime that our nice protagonist, Onoda, love watching. If you are wondering about “Love hime”, No worries! got you covered.

hime! Hime! HIME!!!!~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suki suki daiii~suki~~!!!!!

I actually hope they turn “love hime” real, the fucking song is fucking catchy as balls. But then again, it will be like Densha otoko again when they turn the in-show anime real, Getsumento Heiki Mina, i do not remember it being good. So maybe not, do not make “love hime” real, at least i have a good impression of it.

Not to sound too homo but I love the small clips at the end when Onoda’s friend and team mate, Imaizumi, fell in love with the anime. You probably know this person irl, where a “non-anime” person falls in love with an anime. Anyway, here’s there clip. you can probably hear the fan girls screaming now.

Although “love hime” isn’t really the focus of the show, the cycling and bond between the team is. However, i must point you to this clip before i go on any further.

Right, now for the thoughts.

sorry, can’t help myself 😛 . That’s a 10 minutes loop of Onoda singing Love hime theme song. FUCKING GOOD I SAY! So at episode 38, it concluded the first season. But it did not end with an ending, it ended with a fucking cliff fucking hanger!

I am kinda impulsed into reading the manga just to know what the fuck happens but but buuuutttttt the character design of the creepiest fuck cyclist I’ve seen so far is fucking good. Too lazy to post up pictures of him but when you watch it, you will know what i mean.

And the next season is coming up in Oct 2014. So my advice is start watching this at the start of Oct and by the time the new season starts, it will be a better experience. If i known this would happen, i probably wouldn’t watch it since last Oct. I would have started this Oct instead.

Truth be told, i am looping Love hime theme song as i type this…….. hard to concentrate! anyway, tl;dr Watch this! this is a great anime!

Rainbow and imagination – what?


I cannot believe half a year gone by without me posting anything!

So i thought i should post something. Just to update, i am now doing my full year of research for my honours year. And from the looks of it, i can only pull off a 2nd class T_T. but i think it would be still enough to do a phd! so fingers fucking crossed.

Along to anime, nothing except Yowamushi pedal. T___T toriko why you ended……

Now for toku, sentai ” toQger!” !!! and rider “Gaim!” I wanted to talk more about them all the time but as you can see i have not gotten enough time to do anything about my hobbies. But seeing that i am a bit  down with the cold, i should post this real quick!

oh oh oh oh, was chatting with DMC earlier, seems like tomorrow will be the revival day for the best podcast in the world! fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way of recording!!!


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