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Well I just finished watching Ga-Rei:Zero .. And i must say i really enjoyed the shit out of it. I was thinking whether should i really write about it?.. I guess I’m too lazy :P, go check out reviews from the other bloggers instead! well if want an anime to watch, Ga-Rei:Zero is 12 episodes long so, that’s about 4 hours worth of back-to-back anime.


Shiki is an anime that probably didn’t received as much love as it should get. Doing a simple search in my Greader, not many bloggers talked about it when it aired, in fact there’s only a handful that followed the show throughout the season which was surprising. You would have thought if Shiki gets the seal of approval by some bloggers, more will join in the fun and watch it. For me, I have not really been catching up with anime for a few years now, the last time i seriously followed an anime was Gurren Lagann and even that was like 2007!.

At least this year, I’m getting back the groove of watching anime regularly again.

Anyway more about shiki,  there are flashbacks happening along with the current timeline and is not those lame fuck Naruto or bleach flashbacks. Those flashbacks are important as it will show you how the current situation become what it is now. So in a way is story telling in reverse and in order at the same time, If that makes sense at all? Of course I know myself, I’m not particularly good in writing reviews so I’m not gonna write anyway. You can always check out other wonderful blogger’s review[1].

What I want you to do is, GO watch Shiki. Seriously, because not many people talked about it, thats why you should watch it. There’s a reason why Shiki is in Caraniel’s Top 50 anime list, in fact it was #2. If you’re still not convinced, go check out what Flomu wrote about Shiki. And i quote Flomu saying,

Shiki is last on this list because it was also the best show of the year

– Flomu

Shiki is an awesome anime, story & character wise. I wouldn’t say the OP is to my taste, I reckon it takes time to grow into you. Unlike High school of the dead OP, which was really good but the show wasn’t :P.

[1] http://psgels.blogsome.com/2010/12/30/shiki-review-90100/


ps : I wonder will i ever make a top 50 anime list ?…



But because of that, this anime is so enjoyable. I was tweeting as I maranthon this series and I’ve consolidated the tweets. I really do not know how to find words to talk about this anime after watching it. So let the tweets fly ~

Despite saying that i don’t really have words to describe this anime. After watching to the last episode, I do now. This HAS GOT TO BE one of the most entertaining anime of 2011! Seriously, episode after episode of no logic fights and nothing in this anime makes sense suddenly the last episode… It all makes sense! I could even say this anime is a work of a genius ! I stopped tweeting about this anime when i hit episode 8 because i felt that by tweeting while watching, I’m not really paying full attention to it. Taking screenshots were distracting enough anyways.

So many ideas are cramped into a mere 12 episode series. This anime isn’t just about bento anymore, this anime isn’t just a harem anymore, this anime has soaked the essence of what makes good fighting anime, Awesome, mix in with a ecchi which is awesome IF done right, comedy and an arguable depth of character development. Just as long as you see through the smoke screen of this anime being silly. I don’t know if you could feel it but I felt the hot bloodedness of God of War itself in this anime. It’s been so long since i last had that feeling… i reckon the last time that i had such feeling was in Gurren Lagann and that was a “proper” anime as compared to this. The characters is a love/hate affair in the start but as you move along the episodes, you begin to feel more and more for them.

I know this is a silly anime and you’re probably asking yourself just what the fuck I’m trying to say. Just watch this anime and you will know what i mean. You have to watch all in a shot as well. This anime is designed to be consumed in one seating because of the silly nature of this anime. And I’m hungry now. >..<

High school of the dead makes no fucking sense at all

Today I am going to talk about the “Boy Who leapt over Zombies”. This isn’t really a full review of the anime , it is just some rant that i developed while watching it.

I did a speed marathon of High school of the dead the other day. Whereby i did not sit through the full 22min-or-so-per-episode, thank goodness it is just 13 episodes!. I skipped whenever they have boring scenes or when i just do not want to see my screen filled with panties and boobs. Personally i like zombies movies like Dawn of the dead and Zombieland and they have one thing in common, They Eat Food. As in the humans, not the zombies.

It is just a small issue but i do not notice anyone of them looking for food. They are either sleeping or having some sex fantasy while they are sleeping. I know this is an anime but when there is too many boobs showing, it really gets boring. Also everyone female has HUGE boobs that do not fall to gravity, even the swordswomen(can’t remember her name) have really really big firm boobs that seems to have push up bra everytime when in reality she is wearing nothing but an apron and G-string. Not that i do not like fan service from time to time BUT every other minute to have boobs action?

BOOBS! IN MY OP!! If this was my first time watching anime and i watched this, i reckon ALL animes are like that. Boobs and all. But Thank goodness i’ve been fed with good wholesome 70s-90s anime when i was growing up. Also i notice there were many times where the nipple is suppose to fall out of whatever clothes they are wearing but magically the nipple stayed in. I just find it weird if you are going to show so many boobs, might as well spend a bit more effort in doing it correctly. After all this was a late night anime wasn’t it? But aye, Kids these days have access to porn at such early age already, I don’t even know why they bother to do ecchi anime when they can just do the real boob revealing instead.

There was never a point in this anime whereby you wouldn’t be greeted with compromising shots like this

If anyone was bored enough to count the amount of time boobs get screen time, please let me know.

As the series goes on, High school of the dead reminds me so much of the game, Left for dead(PC version of course). Another small issue I’ve noticed is that , they actually stab zombies in their heart and THEY DIE FROM IT. >..


Speaking of nonsense, take a look at this

My mind was going off “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!” “WHAT T.H.E FUCK?!” The gun recoil will seriously hurt her even if the boobs function as a cushion. HE is a complete wreck when it comes to shooting because he is a melee character. BUT suddenly when he uses that woman as a tripod, he can fire. Not wanting to spoil your fun but 😛 he misses most of his shots which stopped my rage.

Personally i were to rate this, i will only recommend this anime for people who can wank off to zombie slashing teenage girls that have boobs bigger than their head. Other than that, I don’t even find this anime funny or entertaining. If you want to find out why so many people like this anime, go ahead and watch it for yourself. But i reckon your conclusion would be the same as mine, Boobs, fuck tons of em.

ps : How many times did the word “Boobs” appeared in my post?

CE73 Stargazer, a very much preferred “Gundam Seed”

Personally I’m not a supporter of Gundam Seed and the sequel Destiny. However i really like this OVA , Stargazer. I like how Stargazer’s purpose isn’t to fight like the other gundams out there. Aslo liked it how its original “intent” was to explore space much like Voyager space probe or Pioneers space probe. But of course like all gundam “main robot”, this can fight.

Would be nice if Stargazer was shown first then using this as background information and build up SEED franchise from it. Probably something like Earth humans live in peace until Space humans demand rights to return back to earth and war breaks out. Weak GMs and “Macross-ish transforming GMs” by the Earth side and Powerful Gundams by the Space side. Finally, earth side develops Zaku-type with the aid of captured space scientist and finally earth gets a chance to fight back. Some how or rather the war lengthens causing both sides to incur heavy loses and they decided to sign a truce. Which the sequel, Destiny show how they try to maintain the peace with rebels groups fighting both sides and finally it connect the dots to Stargazer. But then again I guess this would make the Gundam franchise a boring show. But still, Gundam isn’t really a “young” franchise. I mean it could explore more of this type of “boring” concepts. Less gundam fighting, more on politics and stuff. Like how Stargate universe is doing.

Personally I’m a bigger fan of “realistic” gundams like the 08th MS team which i think has to be one of the best Gundam out there. However, I’m starting to like Gundam Unicorn a lot but the psycho frame thing has probably taken a bit too far. It feels like a super robot sort of idea, much like how i distaste Gundam OO. I’m sure there’s tons of Gundam OO fans out there but as an old school gundam guy when i first saw episode one of Gundam OO , with the stupid cross stance that Gundam OO took is a turn off. It feels like a evangelion wanna-be in a gundam shell which is Not a good combination in my opinion. I like evangelion a lot by itself and i like gundam too but merging them together? Pfff I’ll pass. Although I’m quite interested in watching Gundam OO movie. I guess this has became a somewhat of a rant instead of just plainly talk about Stargazer. =P ごめん。

To end it off, yes Do catch Stargazer if you can!

Gunbuster (1988)


This is one of my favorite anime. I don’t care what others say, seriously go watch it first then comment about it. Why do i like it so much? Well the idea of gunbuster is pretty sweet, i mean

  • theres pseudo science backing
  • theres moe
  • theres boobs (yup real boobs & tits!)
  • theres robot(s)
  • theres space ships
  • theres aliens
  • worm hole
  • Space battleship yamato did a special appearance
  • noriko ❤ anime / manga
  • you can learn Einstein theory or at least see it in action
  • there’s Transforming robots
  • there’s Transforming & combining robots
  • there’s robots doing push up and jogging
  • tons of death
  • Those big bold japanese words used on Evangelion? Yup gunbuster started it.
  • there’s a lot of explosion
  • HUGE time gap
  • did i mention boobs already?
  • did i mention robots too?

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