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Jyuden epd 36


So this is really surprising!! personally, i think they are trying to increase the difficulty of this sentai series. First off, 10 sentai. 10. That means the enemy is 10x stronger which also makes the sentai 10x stronger. Which!! meant that this is probably the strongest sentai in the entire franchise. 0__0 !!!!! This is kinda glorious if you ask me.

Anyway, they have multiple power-ups episode in this series as well. Which again, points that the bad guys are so strong, multiple power-ups are required.  At first it appears that Red is the main focus of the series (search tumblr) but they appear to be removing that. This is really refreshing actually. in fact, there’s so many mini-arcs in this series, this is probably one of the most interesting sentai that i’ve watched.

To add on the fact that they are dinosaur themed. this automatically makes them super awesome already. Anyway, if you have yet to watch Jyuden. I suggest you to do so. this is really good shit there.

Also, if i may suggest, (Toei, listen!), Have all the dinosaurs sentai doing a cross-over!!!! TOEI I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. In fact, i have an idea !! contact me Toei!

Jyuden – 34 episodes in , am loving it!

Jyuden sentai is surprisingly good! loving every moment of it. This is probably the most ambitious sentai i’ve watched till date and they actually pulled the story off really well. There are some episodes that are really stupid and cringe-at-every-moments but all in all, love it.

To spoil a bit, there are about 10 sentais and 10 fucking zords as well. Till now (34 episodes in), they managed to find everything so the next dozen or so episode will be fucking amazing where they have so many powers to utilize.

on a side note, have to talk about Kamen rider Gaim and Shougeki Gouraigan at some point too!. will leave that to some other post some other time. I’m actually doing some pre-exams procrastination >..<

6th ranger that soon!!?

This is kinda shocking. I didn’t expect Jyuden sentai to have the 6th warrior added into the list that soon (They revealed ranger design and the actor as well and even giving him a 400 year old history!!!!). I hope this is NOT Go-buster all over again when they-promised-too-much-and-couldn’t-delivery-but-managed-to-deliver-an-awesome-ending. 

I really should be blogging more of Go-buster, i got so many screenshots saved up.. xD There is just so many stuff to talk about in Go-buster…. uguu

Some thoughts on Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger 獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー

Zyuden sentai

SO i started watching Zyuden sentai and in regards to my previous post , i guess i can safely announce that this sentai is worth watching! Not only does this sentai possess old school style of “gathering”, it sneaks in elements from Akibaranger, good on you Sentai-production-team!!!

But the only thing i can complain about is the lack of epic OP.. I mean the pace of the song and the dinosaur-themed rangers just don’t match up that well, don’t get me wrong, i think the song is fine but it just doesn’t match up to the epicness of being dinosaurs. I think the best dinosaur-themed sentai OP has to be Bakuryuu sentai Abaranger ;

[youtube http://youtu.be/4u9frh0IbRs]

I manage to find the opening of jyuden sentai on youtube, will link it here so you can go ahead and listen to it. Probably you might find the song appealing. Well, I guess i should be talking more about jyuden sentai, my lack of go-busters post is really horrifying ! I have screenshots taken and ready to pen them down but really, i just have to find more time and attention! in anycase, see you guys around for the next post !

[youtube http://youtu.be/onLXfyS6ar0]

New super sentai – Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger 獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー

Not sure if yet another dinosaur based sentai would be a good idea… unless, THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO A MOTHER FUCKING EPIC DINOSAUR CROSSOVER MOVIE. which i highly doubt so. I guess i will try out Jyuden ranger when it comes out… Not really looking forward to it.

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