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Log horizon : some thoughts before it ends


I don’t really care what people say about Log Horizon (things like oh .hack was much better or a poor man SAO), i think Log Horizon is pretty good by itself. Having said that, the past few episodes have been kind of a bummer. Actually ever since the epic quest that Shiroe had to get all the gold in the world ended, the show has been kind of lame. I don’t really give a shit about the kids goddamnit! So what shiroe gave them a fucking quest to kill monsters and make magical bags, the progress of the story and how they feel about being trapped in a game isn’t really what i want.

First off, Crusty is still missing and no follow up on why he is missing. Second, we get this flashback about Tea party and how the party leader is big boobs and awesome in fighting BUT what does it mean? Personally i am really interested in this dude here,



I mean you don’t just introduce a character with TMNT (and i would argue Kamen Rider) reference and leave us hanging in the air and go WHO IS HE AND WHY IS HE ROLE PLAYING A FROG NINJA, I WANT TO KNOW MORE.

Of course they bring in more characters and more technology (even more technologically advance inventions like the awesome train that travels on magic) without any explaining ! And you know what it is episode 21 already, with only 4 more left to go. How the fuck do they even try to tie up any loop holes and plot holes? Which by the way has tons and tons of it in this season. This really pisses me off a lot when story tellers do this shit.

I mean look at season 1, the pacing was really good (minus the mandatory fucking christmas/holidays special which everyone have to do for some retarded reasons) and it sets up itself for the viewers to be captivated into the lore. But season 2, although it did expanded a little on the lore, it did not explain much but rather it leaves too many holes waiting for be filled. And from the looks of it, it will never be completely by the end of this season.

From the looks of it, it seems that the round table might go into internal war themselves which means, more fucking drama. Instead of focusing on actual war against whoever that is coming. I really hope there wouldn’t be any internal war and just war with other nations. Of course the war will be the cliff hanger that ends season 2 (i predict) and then they will tell us to stay fucking tune for the 3rd season. This is really frustrating!! AHH

Potentially, log horizon could spin off many short series (say 6 episodes max) to explain the origins of key characters. I think that will really add into the whole lore of this series. But that is just a wishful thinking of a fan. I highly doubt that will ever happen.

The Rolling girls and animes I am watching

One really good thing about anime bloggers is that they consolidate the list of anime that would be showing every season. I randomly go to any of the anime blogs that i follow, they will bound to have the list and they also come with trailers. The only anime that caught my eyes is “The Rolling girls” and after watching the trailer, i will watch it and post some impressions of it later. But for now, i am very interested and excited for it really, it has been a while since i am interested in anime..

So the current anime that I am watching is Log Horizon 2 and Yowamushi Pedal 2, both of which are sequels to their awesome 1st instalment. Sword Art online 2 (ended a few weeks back), wasn’t as great as its first but still i managed to get through it without giving up, i wished they should have broke SAO up into 13 episodes per season though.. Log Horizon 2 is really shaping up to reveal more clues regarding how they got trapped in the game world but I hope they don’t dominate the show with those stupid kids trying to level up and do the carry bag quest longer than 1/2 an episode..

As for yowamushi pedal, the interhigh finals is drawing near and it looks like a death match between experienced and well-seasoned 3rd years vs our otaku hero and his team of hotshots. Kinda predictable i guess, but i have invested so much time in it that i should see it to the end. But i feel that they are dragging it out sometimes, kinda like how dragonball z drags on forever to power up. There are scenes in yowamushi pedal that do not need to be in the show yet they still show it. This annoys me a little.

Hopefully The Rolling girls would be something nice to mix up a bit, I’ve got yowamushi on the tuesday and Log on the Sundays..

OH OH OH, just as i was about to hit publish, i kinda went looking around the comments and Tokyo Ghoul has a sequel ongoing at the moment! and fuck this trailer, they are not showing anything at all.. 😦 . Will post impressions of it after i watch a few episodes too.. heh this is exciting , more animes that are interesting!

Curent anime watchlist

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Kill la Kill


Yowamushi Pedal , actually if they called it “Pedal!” it would be awesome too.


Toriko of course!!

I think thats about it…. Oh wait ! Last one.. Tokyo Raven! (which is on the verge of being dropped!)


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