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THe disappointment of Prince of tennis II

Right this is yet another over due post 😛 , so i thought Prince of Tennis II is gonna be a long ass anime but what the fuck, 13 episodes? THEY BARELY TOUCHED THE SURFACE OF THIS SHIT. I even blogged about the first episode of this anime last year !! (Here). Well, at least i did complete this anime and it was a complete waste of time. The dream team and playing against god like players is just a fucking scam that gets your hope up high and then crushing it down to nothing when you realise this is just 13 episodes long. Bahhhhhhh 

source : http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=13360

My winter anime watch list

Kinda late into this but i guess Late is better than none. So the first few episodes of winter is out. And after watching them, I can safely say this are the ones that i will be watching.

  • Aquarion Evol
  • Prince of Tennis II
  • Thermea Romae

And also

  • Toriko
  • Chihayafuru

Well to begin off, let’s talk about those animes. Firstly, Aquarion Evol…

The main drive watching Evol was purely nostalgic reasons. I loved the first aquarion and normally anime is kinda awkward by nature to watch it with loud volume because of the way they moan. Which to the untrained ears will sound like porn. Aquarion takes awkwardness up to a whole new level ! Which them having orgasms during fusion. The begining of Evol brought back the super awkward feeling when the main character.. can’t remember his name, he looks like Apollo from the previous series. Anyway he has the flying and other unknown powers in his list of weapons. But i got a feeling the other crew will mature their powers further throughout the series, dwarfing the main character powers for a while.

Of course like the previous series, the main character will save the day in the end. I mean come on, are you expecting something else different ? Although! It will be awesome if the enemy they are fighting turns out to the saviour instead!

Prince of tennis II or New prince of tennis, whichever way you want to call it. I personally did not watched the previous prince of tennis. I watched the first arc and got bored of it. Tennis isn’t really that exciting, at least not for me anyway. The only reason I am watching this season is because of the background. Basically Japan is trying to make a super elite tennis player or something, they rounded up all the characters in the previous and threw them into a mix of high schoolers. So you have the middle school boys that you all know plus some random high schoolers. AND THEY ARE ALL ELITES. WOOHOO!

They are still trying to narrow down the players in the team but it will all be elites fighting! So i reckon this season of prince of tennis will be more exciting than anything. But of course if you are talking about Sports anime in general, NOTHING and i stressed, Nothing beats Slam Dunk. Anyway, next up Thermea Romae or rather shameless plugs for the upcoming movie of the same title.

I love the flash animation!! It gives the studio more time to actually think of dialogue instead ! I mean come on, if you are doing an anime about on-sen AND roman bath houses, the puns and jokes are limitless! I think. But sadly the anime has ended. But still!! I enjoyed it very much.

Of course there’s the still on going Chihayafuru and Toriko. I really should get back and start blogging about toriko again. I mean, this anime really need to have more love given to it!! Also this is like the only food-related anime as well. 😦 there aren’t many food related anime that not only entertains but the food ideas sounds fucking awesome. Even if it doesn’t exists. Thats it. I have to start blogging more often again. I was sort of on the ball for a while then Fallout 3 just took over my life. And also general procrastinating as always. Until then, have a good time.

Prince of Tennis II : 01

I’m not usually a sports anime watcher. The only one that i ever liked was SlamDunk and that is so many years ago. One good thing about this new Prince of tennis is that, the characters are all elites. I doubt i will want to catch up with the previous series. I think it was around 174 episodes? And you can read up on wikipedia for the background story if you feel the need to catch with the older series. This new series is about them training i think. Aye ,  just head down to MAL : http://myanimelist.net/anime/11371/New_Prince_of_Tennis

You know this anime is going to epic when you see lab coats, many monitor screens and laser beams from rachets. You might be wondering has the cast changed? Well, all the characters you love from the previous series are here. I think. There’s 50 middle schoolers so I’m assuming that’s everyone from the previous series.

Of course this boy is in! Whatever his name is. All i know he is the main character and he can play tennis with either hands. I think. I don’t remember much from the previous series. I mean i did catch a bit of it when it was aired on tv. But i didn’t like it that much. Partly due to the lame english dubbing. Would i follow through this series?

Maybe. But from the looks of it, there are 200 high schoolers and 50 middle schoolers, This will be a very long anime. Just imagine how many match must they go through before they go for tournaments? Even if they head for tournaments… God knows how many matches they need to go through as well!

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