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Research work on my a post a day project

I realise well, this 365(355) days of aniblogger research is going to be both easy and difficult at the same time. The easy way is to well read through ani nouto (author) and other metabloggers but then again, this defeats the purpose of this project wouldn’t it or would it ?.

But of course there is a ton of research materials already present in ani nouto site. I will of course use that as one of my reference point. Next is the crazy feed list i gotten from Ryan and Author. I been feeding my google reader with Ryan’s list for some time now. I must admit a lot times i would just go “Mark all as read” because there’s just too many to keep up with. And also with my bad habit of “read it quickly and proceed to the next” , i end up not commenting on the blog even when i have something to say. To not forget, i just added Author’s list into my google reader… you wouldn’t want to see the mess my Greader is at.. It is filled with links and unread stuff.

I think i might just take more time than i should for this project. Clearly a project of this magnitude shouldn’t be a “I have this wonderful idea! and lets do it tomorrow!”, it needs slightly more planning and research. Well at the moment of me writing this post, the television is tune to “Ninja Warrior”, definitely i need the determination and stamina to pull this off. Unlike chii’s 365 days of anime characters, i didn’t start from day 1 of 2011 :p , right now is the 10th already and still i haven’t started with the first post yet. This isn’t the first post for the 365(355) days of anibloggers, the first post will only start when i have a blogger featured.

Now speaking of this, what is the format of the post should look like ? I thought of a few last night on how to go about in doing it.

Name : blogger handle
Site : the main blog address
Other sites which other blog like tumblr
Twitter : twitter handle
Social link : MAL , melative, Anime-planet and what ever that he/she links it on the site
Blog platform : wordpress, blogger, typepad, etc.
Style of blogging : Episodic , editorial , Reviews , etc.

Well now looking at it…. Feels like i’m profiling the whole anisphere. =/ looks like is criminal mind and CSI for my blog this year. Or maybe i shouldn’t follow a “format” like that ? I mean i don’t want to achieve anything much with this project as well. Is just a motivator for me to blog on a daily basis. Ok now i’m finding excuses.. Looks like procrastination is kicking in again.. And probably 3am isn’t a good idea to do sucha post as well..

Ahh speaking of post.. The clock on my blog is screwed up, appears to be UT +0 but of course i don’t live in this time zone so scheduling post is kinda tough. Although i did a UT +8 , doesn’t seem to help much as well though.. Ah looks like i screw up a bit. -_-”

Anyways i’ll just hit publish and the sack as well. Think about this later. In the mean while, if you have any thoughts, do input and let me know.

Also i realised this theme has a auto related post function ? cool shit.


365(355 technically) Days of Anibloggers?

So i was thinking after reading @andrea_chii epic list of 365 Days of anime characters 2010 for a year. I’m wondering what topic can I write about if i were to follow such a format(rebirth blog should do something epic right?). Maybe 365(355) Days of Anibloggers 2011 ? Hmm off my head i can probably think of a dozen or so of bloggers but 365(ok 355) ? Would there be enough bloggers to write about ?

I reckon my first dozen would be easy but the rest of 343 would be a daunting task! I don’t even know if there is that many of us still in active service!  Oh wait, there may be. Since some blogs are team blogs. But damn, if i were to do this series. I will look like a aniblogger stalker. I don’t want to be like otaku elimination game of course. But ooo , looks like a major portion of my research can be reduced if i were to refer to the materials already in it. And of course my Google reader is filled with anibloggers rss, much thanks to my coffee bro @6ry | aloe, dream – はう〜うノ家 , Anisphere OPML

Ok even if i do write 365(355) Days of aniblogger, what the heck am i suppose to write about? How deep of a research should i do regarding that aniblogger? I’m not planning to be a stalker f.y.i. I guess this is something to ponder about. Any suggestions ?

I guess i could do a review? But then again review is really subjective and bias. How bout i follow a formula? Maths cannot be wrong ! . But what formula should i do? Maybe talk about a bit of

  • length of blogging ?
  • Type of blogging/blog
  • frequency of post
  • Style of blogging?
  • what?
  • history of that blogger?

What have i gotten myself into?

of course this is a pre-scheduled post so some stuff are a bit conflicting. but anyway!

*ask twitter if unsure!*


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