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Yowamushi pedal : ride to the top! (literally)

Love hime princess!

Ahh yes, the actual concept in yowamushi pedal that made me a big fan of this series. Love hime! Embarrassing as it may be if you were at some point associating yourself as an (weebo) anime otaku of some sort singing along to the tunes of “Hime hime, hime, suki suiki daisuki, hime…” Will make you go fuwa fuwa (fuck you if you don’t know what fuwa fuwa means, for the unaware, is basically describing a soft fluffy feeling and fuck you nonetheless).

Manly man singing hime hime in ofuro certainly adds a lot of comedy gold into it (if you can comprehend the situation). But hime aside, we are now almost at the end of the National finals and about 3,700 m (12,000+ ft) to the end point which is on a at least 20% incline climb. One thing i really dislike about sports anime is how they can drag a real-life time frame of say 5 seconds into basically a 20 minute long anime. Yes every single sports anime is guilty of this but somehow it doesn’t feel too overused in yowamushi, in fact it felt like it needs that over the top time dilation factor to tell the story.


If you have been watching anime long enough, still image like the one above tells you something right? It implies that the guy on the left (pink/purple top) is gonna fucking lose while the guy on the right (yellow pants) is gonna crush his opponent. But somehow, i wouldn’t say it is only restricted to yowamushi (there’s only an bias in observation since this is the only sports anime that i am watching at the moment), this triumph still has been overly used. In fact, this still does not mean any shit at all. It meant for that second, a minor victory is achieved and the story needs more pumping and adrenaline because it lacks adrenaline somehow in this cycling race. Before you go to a conclusion that i hate this show, stop right there, if you haven’t watch it before, fuck you for doing that. I highly, HIGHLY, i can’t stress enough, HIGHLY recommend you to start watching it. Crunchyroll has them from the first season , go freaking watch it. And also watch all the after-show short clips. A lot of easter egg goodies. The video i posted above, is one of them and so is the one coming up.

Even if sports anime isn’t your cup of tea, I can bet if you actually gave this a chance, you will fall in love with it. If not for the sports itself, it will be for love hime. Excuse me while i wait for the last 4 episodes in my cycling jersey.


The Rolling girls and animes I am watching

One really good thing about anime bloggers is that they consolidate the list of anime that would be showing every season. I randomly go to any of the anime blogs that i follow, they will bound to have the list and they also come with trailers. The only anime that caught my eyes is “The Rolling girls” and after watching the trailer, i will watch it and post some impressions of it later. But for now, i am very interested and excited for it really, it has been a while since i am interested in anime..

So the current anime that I am watching is Log Horizon 2 and Yowamushi Pedal 2, both of which are sequels to their awesome 1st instalment. Sword Art online 2 (ended a few weeks back), wasn’t as great as its first but still i managed to get through it without giving up, i wished they should have broke SAO up into 13 episodes per season though.. Log Horizon 2 is really shaping up to reveal more clues regarding how they got trapped in the game world but I hope they don’t dominate the show with those stupid kids trying to level up and do the carry bag quest longer than 1/2 an episode..

As for yowamushi pedal, the interhigh finals is drawing near and it looks like a death match between experienced and well-seasoned 3rd years vs our otaku hero and his team of hotshots. Kinda predictable i guess, but i have invested so much time in it that i should see it to the end. But i feel that they are dragging it out sometimes, kinda like how dragonball z drags on forever to power up. There are scenes in yowamushi pedal that do not need to be in the show yet they still show it. This annoys me a little.

Hopefully The Rolling girls would be something nice to mix up a bit, I’ve got yowamushi on the tuesday and Log on the Sundays..

OH OH OH, just as i was about to hit publish, i kinda went looking around the comments and Tokyo Ghoul has a sequel ongoing at the moment! and fuck this trailer, they are not showing anything at all.. 😦 . Will post impressions of it after i watch a few episodes too.. heh this is exciting , more animes that are interesting!

there goes another anime

yowamushi pedal

Yowamushi pedal felt a bit goofy at first, admittedly the only reason why I even watched yowamushi was because of “Love hime”, which is the in-show anime that our nice protagonist, Onoda, love watching. If you are wondering about “Love hime”, No worries! got you covered.

hime! Hime! HIME!!!!~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suki suki daiii~suki~~!!!!!

I actually hope they turn “love hime” real, the fucking song is fucking catchy as balls. But then again, it will be like Densha otoko again when they turn the in-show anime real, Getsumento Heiki Mina, i do not remember it being good. So maybe not, do not make “love hime” real, at least i have a good impression of it.

Not to sound too homo but I love the small clips at the end when Onoda’s friend and team mate, Imaizumi, fell in love with the anime. You probably know this person irl, where a “non-anime” person falls in love with an anime. Anyway, here’s there clip. you can probably hear the fan girls screaming now.

Although “love hime” isn’t really the focus of the show, the cycling and bond between the team is. However, i must point you to this clip before i go on any further.

Right, now for the thoughts.

sorry, can’t help myself 😛 . That’s a 10 minutes loop of Onoda singing Love hime theme song. FUCKING GOOD I SAY! So at episode 38, it concluded the first season. But it did not end with an ending, it ended with a fucking cliff fucking hanger!

I am kinda impulsed into reading the manga just to know what the fuck happens but but buuuutttttt the character design of the creepiest fuck cyclist I’ve seen so far is fucking good. Too lazy to post up pictures of him but when you watch it, you will know what i mean.

And the next season is coming up in Oct 2014. So my advice is start watching this at the start of Oct and by the time the new season starts, it will be a better experience. If i known this would happen, i probably wouldn’t watch it since last Oct. I would have started this Oct instead.

Truth be told, i am looping Love hime theme song as i type this…….. hard to concentrate! anyway, tl;dr Watch this! this is a great anime!

Curent anime watchlist

The anime that i am watching this season has grown a lot from the last! So for this, I have….


Log Horizon


Kill la Kill


Yowamushi Pedal , actually if they called it “Pedal!” it would be awesome too.


Toriko of course!!

I think thats about it…. Oh wait ! Last one.. Tokyo Raven! (which is on the verge of being dropped!)



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